Creator Spotlight

Iman Vellani

The star of Marvel Studios’ The Marvels—and the co-writer of ongoing comic series MS. MARVEL: THE NEW MUTANT—dishes on her favorite comic stories! Get the story behind Iman Vellani’s picks before reading them all on Marvel Unlimited, then read MS. MARVEL: THE NEW MUTANT #1 available in print and digital now!


Ms. Marvel: No Normal

in Ms. Marvel (2014) #1

“Not only did [series writer] G. Willow Wilson and team give us the epitome of a perfect origin story, but this book is also my IRL good luck charm, and it might just become yours too!”

Ms. Marvel/Wolverine Team-Up

in Ms. Marvel (2014) #7

“I'm trying hard not to put the entire 2014-2016 run on here, but if I absolutely haaaad to pick one standout issue, Wolverine mentoring Ms. Marvel while fighting a giant sewer alligator controlled by the amalgamation of part-Thomas Edison clone and part-pet cockatiel—AKA The Inventor—would undeniably take the cake. Need I say more?”

House of X/Powers of X

in House of X (2019) #1

“This entire run is simply *chef's kiss*, and if you are part of the 1% that hasn't read Jonathan Hickman’s mind-shattering, paradigm-shifting, ingeniously executed reboot of future X-Men storytelling, what exactly are you occupying your free time with?”

This Year’s Hellfire Gala

in X-Men: Hellfire Gala (2023) #1

“Ever since Kamala Khan hatched out of a Krakoan egg and learned about her latent X-Gene (crazy, I know!), she, along with the dwindling remnants of mutantkind, cannot seem to catch a break! This book has it all—death, destruction, airborne Juggernauts! [Writer] Gerry Duggan does NOT hold back!”

Classic Silver Surfer

in Silver Surfer (1987) #16

“My monkey’s paw wish? I’d like every dream I have to feature my guy Silverado in an epic team-up with the Fantastic Four brought to life by the masterful pencils of none other than Ron Lim...”

Creative Inspiration

in Silver Surfer (1987) #50

“Enticed by that shiny cover, this is one of the first Silver Surfer books I ever purchased, and while I won't insist that it’s a prerequisite for understanding MS. MARVEL: THE NEW MUTANT, it does hold value in understanding me—as a comics fan and now as a comics writer!”

Magnificent Ms. Marvel

in Magnificent Ms. Marvel (2019) #15

“Everything I love about the original Ms. Marvel stories wrapped up in one! [This run] is packed to the brim with creative uses of Kamala’s polymorphic abilities, challenges the meaning of heroism, and of course gives us more of the ever-brewing Bru-Mala tension. (Thank you, Saladin Ahmed!)”

Kamala Khan: Avenger

in All-New, All-Different Avengers (2015) #3

“I geek out over any Alex Ross cover, let alone one featuring Kamala—I mean, come on! Also, three cheers for the newest Avenger! Dreams really do come true exactly like we imagined, right? Right???”

Love for Emma Frost

in New X-Men (2001) #138

“I have a Grant Morrison bias. There, I've said it! This issue holds a special place on my shelf and captures the essence of why this series is so exceptionally remarkable. (It also legitimized Emma Frost as my favorite twenty-seven-year-old mutant).”