The reigning Queen of Asgard’s Underworld. At the sight of this immortal goddess, Asgardians know that Death is nigh. In her realms of Hel and Niffleheim, she presides over undead armies, laying waste to the living and claiming souls unworthy of Valhalla. Beware Hela’s seductive grasp.

Hel-Raising Highlights

First Appearance

in Journey Into Mystery (1952) #102

The God of Thunder has a too-close brush with Death herself!

Thor Escapes Death

in Thor (1966) #189

In retaliation to Odin, Hela claims Thor’s soul. But the Prince of Asgard has fled to Midgard – and Death follows at his heels!

Finding Odin

in Thor (1966) #251

Thor learns the price of entering Hela’s realm without an invite. Past the gates of the Dimension of Death, will the Thunder God at last find King Odin?

Hulking Hel

in Incredible Hulk (1962) #423

The Incredible Hulk, trapped in the depths of Hel! Marvel’s Gamma-Green Giant is hunted by Hela’s warriors after an attempted escape. But once Hela’s sights are set on your soul, her grasp remains firm and fatal!

Undead Queen of Vegas

in Thor (2007) #12

Loki, the father of Hela, visits his daughter in her earthly abode. What arrangement will be struck between Asgard’s death-dealing gods? Loki leaves Hela’s chambers changed and empowered…but at what cost to Asgard?

Mutants and Midgard

in X-Factor (2005) #207

Hela uses her femme fatality to recruit X-Factor for a personal mission – the safe return of her stolen talisman. Will the mutant detectives be up for the challenge…especially when Hela’s true colors start to show?

Taking Back Hel

in New Mutants (2009) #29

Fear Itself tie-in. Danielle Moonstar has been given the task no hero wants. A usurper has stolen Hela’s realm, leaving the New Mutant to take back Hel as a Valkyrie warrior!

Siege of Asgard

in Thor (2007) #611

The war dead of Asgard are not resting easily. How did Loki contrive to rob these departed heroes, even in death? And what do the wandering spirits want now? Hela seeks to restore a realm unbalanced.

Avengers Vs. The Undead

in Avengers: Prime (2010) #2

Thor, Cap and Iron Man combine forces to save the Nine Realms of Asgard, all of which have been broken. But Hela has plans of her own, and is firm in her resolve to reshape all of Asgard in her mortal vision!

Hela, Queen of Asgard

in Thor: Wolves of the North (2010) #1

Hela has claimed all of Asgard, causing decay and destruction on her path from Hel. Thor, the Odinson, must cut a deal with a mysterious woman to stop the Undead Queen’s incursion.