Skurge the Executioner

Behold Skurge! This Half-giant warrior stands unrivaled by Asgardians in battle and in brawn. Skurge is also a longtime nemesis of Thor, and often wields a double-sided axe to cut a swath through his foes. He goes by another, more legendary name too – The Executioner.

Skurge’s Slays

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Enter the Executioner

in Journey Into Mystery (1952) #103

Skurge’s first appearance! The Asgardian strongman conspires against Thor at the behest of Amora the Enchantress. Jane Foster is kidnapped and the Thunder God responds in full-fledged attack.

Master of Evil

in Avengers (1963) #7

The Executioner joins the Masters of Evil alongside his unrequited love, the Enchantress!

Realm of Casiolena

in Defenders (1972) #4

The Executioner serves a new mistress in her enchanted dimension. And when the Defenders accidentally invade, Executioner leads the battle charge! But why has Skurge disgraced Odin?

Battling Balder

in Thor (1966) #260

Skurge and the Enchantress meet their mystical match in Balder, Asgard’s noblest warrior, and Karnilla, Queen of the Norns!

A Death for Valhalla

in Thor (1966) #362

Skurge joins his brethren to thwart the coming of Ragnarok. But when seduced by Hela with an offer to battle by her side, the Executioner instead sacrifices himself to Naglfar, her ship of the Undead. In doing so, Skurge earns a place among the Einherjar, Odin’s sacred warriors.

Taking On Thor Corps

in Thor (1966) #440

The Tomorrow Man resurrects the Executioner to battle the Thor Corps!

His Myth Retold

in Thor God-Size Special (2008) #1

The legend of The Executioner as told by the immortals who fought beside him. But why does everyone have a different version of his tale? Loki may be scheming against Thor, but then again, a greater evil may be at play.