Skurge the Executioner

Behold Skurge! This Half-giant warrior stands unrivaled by Asgardians in battle and in brawn. Skurge is also a longtime nemesis of Thor, and often wields a double-sided axe to cut a swath through his foes. He goes by another, more legendary name too – The Executioner.

Skurge’s Slays

Enter the Executioner

in Journey Into Mystery (1952) #103

Master of Evil

in Avengers (1963) #7

The Executioner joins the Masters of Evil alongside his unrequited love, the Enchantress!

Realm of Casiolena

in Defenders (1972) #4

The Executioner serves a new mistress in her enchanted dimension. And when the Defenders accidentally invade, Executioner leads the battle charge! But why has Skurge disgraced Odin?

Battling Balder

in Thor (1966) #260

A Death for Valhalla

in Thor (1966) #362

Taking On Thor Corps

in Thor (1966) #440

The Tomorrow Man resurrects the Executioner to battle the Thor Corps!

His Myth Retold

in Thor God-Size Special (2008) #1

The legend of The Executioner as told by the immortals who fought beside him. But why does everyone have a different version of his tale? Loki may be scheming against Thor, but then again, a greater evil may be at play.