Character Close Up

Ego the Living Planet

The Living Planet follows no orbit; his will has no bounds. Millennia ago, Ego developed sentience while its surface became reactive like a brain. His birth remains a mystery of the universal void – he is often antagonizing.


Rotational Pulls

From the Black Galaxy Born

in Thor (1966) #132

Behold Ego! The Living Planet makes his mystifying entrance in the pages of Thor. And in their first tussle, the Thunder God must extract himself from Ego’s ever-changing biosphere.


in Thor (1966) #202

A soil sample from Ego’s core becomes Ego-Prime – a humanoid incarnate that quickly turns his destructive eyes towards Earth!

Human Origin

in Thor (1966) #228

Galactus, Devourer of Worlds, fears that Ego has come undone. Thor, Hercules and Firelord are dispatched to fell the power-mad planet – and are nearly consumed in his mind hive. A glimpse at Ego’s human form, pre-cosmic transformation.

Alternate History

in Fantastic Four (1961) #235

The Fantastic Four reconsiders deep space exploration when they run afoul of Ego!

Maximum Security

in Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet (2000) #1

In the Maximum Security event, Marvel’s alien empires unite to conquer Earth as a penal colony for extraterrestrials. And the Ruul race slaps the cuffs on Ego!


in Nova (2007) #21

In this Ego-centric arc, the Living Planet asserts himself as the Worldmind of Nu-Xandar, HQ of the Nova Corps. Richard Rider, Nova, commits to lobotomizing Ego.

Alter Ego

in Astonishing Thor (2010) #1

In this cinematic and splashy mini-series, Thor hurtles from one interstellar adventure to another, attempting to stop the sentient Alter Ego from merging with his larger counterpart.

Battling Thanos

in Thanos: A God Up There Listening Infinite Comic (2014) #2

The Mad Thane sets his tyrannical purpose against Ego…and vows to obliterate the Living Planet!


in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015) #19

A voice from the outer reaches of space beckons Lunella and Devil to make contact…and she won’t take no for an answer! Featuring the marvelous first appearance of GIRL-MOON, daughter of Ego!