Jason Aaron

Jason Aaron's Greatest Marvel Hits

Jason Aaron's career started when he won a Marvel talent contest, resulting in an 8-page story in the pages of Wolverine #175. Since that time, Aaron has worked on every major Marvel character, most notably Wolverine, Ghost Rider, and Thor. Original Sin – a murder mystery involving Nick Fury, the Avengers, and the Watcher – is Jason's latest project and you can read his greatest Marvel hits here!

Jason Aaron's Greatest Marvel Stories

First Marvel Work

in Wolverine (1988) #175

Jason's first published work for Marvel Comics - foretelling the greatness he would bring throughout the years to come to the Marvel Universe.

Can't Conquer Wakanda

in Black Panther (2005) #39

During the Secret Invasion, Jason Aaron shows readers why Wakanda has never fallen to an invader, alien or otherwise!

Spirit of Vengeance

in Ghost Rider (2006) #20

Jason's critically-acclaimed run on the Spirit of Vengeance starts here - featuring some of the darkest and weirdest Ghost Rider tales ever seen!

Weapon X

in Wolverine Weapon X (2009) #1

With artist Ron Garney, Jason Aaron pits Wolverine against a deadly array of new enemies including a band of Black Ops Weapon X copycats.

Dark Reign

in Dark Reign: The List - Wolverine (2009) #1

Joining forces with Esad Ribic (years before the pair would work on Thor: God of Thunder), Aaron put Noh-Varr and Wolverine on a path of destruction inside a Weapon Plus facility.


in Astonishing Spider-Man & Wolverine (2010) #1

The first issue of a six-issue miniseries with Adam Kubert, this Wolverine/Spidey time-travelling romp features a heaping doses of comedy, drama, a living planet and Doctor Doom!

Wolverine Goes to Hell

in Wolverine (2010) #1

When Jason Aaron got the chance to start a brand-new Wolverine series with Renato Guedes in 2010, he did what any sensible comic book writer would do: he sent the ol' Canucklehead straight to Hell.

Battle of Ultimate Caps

in Ultimate Comics Captain America (Trade Paperback)

The Steve Rogers of the Ultimate Comics Universe gets his own mini-series thanks to Aaron and Ron Garney and they introduce him to his ultimate nemesis: the Captain America of the Vietnam War!


in X-Men: Schism (2011) #1

To understand how the X-Men got to where they are today-with Wolverine and Cyclops on opposite sides of the fence-you'll have to go back to this mini-series by Mr. Aaron where he splits the X-Men right down the middle!

Wolverine & the X-Men

in Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #1

Jason Aaron launches this fan-favorite series featuring Wolverine in a new role - as headmaster of his own school for mutants!

God Butcher

in Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #1

This series, brought to life by the deft hand of Esad Ribic, takes the simple concept of "three Thors are better than one" and brings it to its logical conclusion: MORE THUNDER! Plus, who is the God Butcher and why is he cutting a swathe of death across the cosmos?

The Birth of Evil

in Thanos Rising (2013) #1

Simone Bianchi and Jason Aaron take readers on a tour of the early years of Thanos. Read how the child born on a moon of Saturn became a Mad God - his galactic evil starts here!