Laura Kinney is X-23, the perfect killing machine created from stolen DNA of Wolverine himself. Now free from The Facility that valued her only as a killer, Laura has become a hero and sometimes member of the X-Men. Currently, she has taken up the mantle from Logan as the All-New Wolverine!

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A History of X-23

First Appearance

in NYX (2003) #3

X-23 is first introduced to the Marvel Universe as a quiet, mysterious loner under the control of a psychopathic man. A brutal nightmare leads new mutant Kiden Nixon to discover X-23 covered in blood.

Out On Her Own

in X-23 (2005) #1

Starring in her first very own series, the origins of X-23 are revealed! Discover the genetic experiment that birthed Laura Kinney. Is she a clone of Wolverine?

New X-Man

in New X-Men (2004) #20

It’s time for the students of Academy X to grow up when the enigmatic and lethal X-23 joins the team!

Target X

in X-23: Target X (2006) #1

Travel with X-23 during the turbulent years following her escape from the Facility. At age 15, X-23 is on the run from her lethal keeper while trying to reach out to the family of her mother, Sarah Kinney…

A Member of X-Force

in X-Force (2008) #1

Cyclops has assembled a new X-Force and he wants X-23 on the team. Wolverine’s apprehensive about dragging X-23 into a group tasked with taking down the big threats...permanently. Will the countless lives they save outweigh the loss of Laura’s soul?

Filling In

in X-23 (2010) #1

Wolverine is missing! X-23 has never had an easy relationship with the rest of the X-Men, but when she learns someone has taken down Wolverine, she must step up to fill his shoes.

Flirting With The Past

in All-New X-Men (2012) #20

Laura joins the All-New X-Men, but this time the team is made up of the time-displaced original X-Men! And how’s the teenage Jean Grey going to react when X-23 kisses Cyclops?!

The Death of Wolverine

in Death of Wolverine: The Logan Legacy (2014) #2

X-23 leaves the Charles Xavier School after the death of Wolverine. While on her own, she learns a valuable life lesson, comes to terms with Logan’s death and sets out on a new mission.

Embracing Destiny

in All-New Wolverine (2015) #1

Laura Kinney embraces her destiny and fulfills her role of WOLVERINE! With the guidance of Logan always with her, X-23 stops at nothing to save those around her. And a shocking discovery about the Facility that once tormented her will lead Laura to show everyone that she is the best there is at what she does.