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Lawyer Jennifer Walters’ entire life changed when she received an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin Bruce Banner. With gamma-irradiated blood coursing through her veins, Jen became the powerhouse She-Hulk – sharp, beautiful, and sensational beyond compare!

The Sensational She-Hulk

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Origin Issue

in Savage She-Hulk (1980) #1

After being caught in the line of fire, the otherwise meek and mousy Jennifer Walters is transformed into the savage SHE-HULK!

Becoming an Avenger

in Avengers (1963) #221

Looking for new members to join their ranks, the Avengers extend invites to various heroes. Proving to be the most ferocious female of all, She-Hulk becomes an Avenger alongside Hawkeye!

Fantastic Four

in Fantastic Four (1961) #265

Much to the surprise of Sue Storm, She-Hulk joins the FF while filling in for the Thing. And Jennifer proves her worth when she takes on a radioactive attack by the Trapster!

Single Green Female

in She-Hulk (2004) #1

Dan Slott pens this romp of a series! Jen’s ready to put old issues to rest and make a fresh start. But that doesn’t mean a stacked dating life and legal career are off the table!

Civil War

in She-Hulk (2005) #8

She-Hulk’s personas and political opinions are split right down the middle – She-Hulk is pro-registration, but Jennifer Walters takes the opposing stance!

Secret Wars Tie-in

in A-Force (2015) #1

Enter Battleworld! As the Baroness of the island Arcadia, She-Hulk assembles an A-Force team of Marvel’s mightiest women to quell a barrage of assaults!

Representing Cap

in She-Hulk (2014) #9

Jen takes it to court with fellow attorney Matt Murdock for the trial of the century – to defend Captain America’s honor!


in Patsy Walker, a.K.a. Hellcat! (2015) #5

Only a true best friend would leave a legal meeting to save you from an Asgardian goddess-wannabe! And that’s exactly what She-Hulk does for Hellcat in this astonishingly adorable issue!