Maximus the Mad

Straddling the line between mad scientist and unstable regent, Maximus has lived most of his life in the shadow of his brother King Black Bolt. Despite his inscrutable motives, heroes and villains alike have recognized his genius potential. Read on to learn more about the ‘spare heir’ to the Inhuman Royal Family!

Mind-Bending Reads

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The Madness Begins

in Fantastic Four (1961) #47

In his first appearance, the usurper Maximus is dethroned by his brother, the rightful Inhuman king. Seeking to prove his worth by destroying all of humanity, Maximus deploys his Atmo-Gun!

Mind Games

in Avengers Annual (1967) #12

Using his psionic powers, Maximus mind-swaps with Black Bolt, proceeding to unleash a storm of meteoroids onto planet Earth!

Revenge on Medusa

in Inhumans (1998) #7

Although he claims to love her, a deranged Maximus asserts his authority during an Inhuman election…by kidnapping Queen Medusa! Read this series in full for a definitive take on the Royal Family.

Quiet, Please

in Silent War (2007) #1

Following his more brazen coups in the past, the Silent War mini-series saw Maximus using a subtler approach while gunning for the throne. By mentally manipulating the Inhuman Royal Family, he was able to fabricate a war between the United States and the Inhumans!

Back in Good Graces

in Secret Invasion: Inhumans (2008) #1

When the Royal Family discovered that Black Bolt, Prince Ahura, and other Inhumans had been replaced by Skrull imposters, Maximus aids his beloved Medusa by fighting the shapeshifting aliens.

Plans Within Plans

in Realm of Kings: Inhumans (2009) #1

Maximus conspires to rile up the Alpha Primitives, the Inhumans’ enslaved underclass. Courtly intrigue abounds, as Medusa struggles to maintain her grip over the Kree empire!


in Infinity (2013) #1

With Black Bolt kidnapped by Thanos’ Black Order, Maximus is forced to team up with an elite class of Marvel heroes to rescue his brother.

Maximus the Maker

in Uncanny Inhumans (2015) #11

Dissatisfied with the way Queen Medusa handled Iron Man’s attack on New Attilan during Civil War II, Maximus decides to shake up the Inhuman status quo by taking matters into his own hands!