While she has spent more time away from Attilan than other members of the Inhuman Royal Family, Medusa has proven time and again to be steadfastly loyal to her husband Black Bolt, and even more so to her subjects. With super-strong prehensile tresses under her psychokinetic control, Medusa is well-equipped as a protector to her people. Check out her tenure as Inhuman Queen!

Her Royal Highness Medusalith Amaquelin

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Bad Hair Day

in Fantastic Four (1961) #36

In her debut issue, an amnesiac Medusa was convinced by The Wizard to form the Frightful Four alongside Sandman and Paste Pot Pete. Together, they sought to humiliate the Fantastic Four by crashing Reed and Sue’s engagement party!

Inhumans Quarterly

in Fantastic Four (1961) #133

After teaming up with the Fantastic Four to quell an Alpha Primitive uprising, Medusa decided to lend her talents to the FF during the Invisible Woman’s absence.

Queen and Country

in Realm of Kings: Inhumans (2009) #1

Following the apparent death of her husband during the War of Kings, Medusa ascended the Inhuman throne with a heavy heart. Will Medusa be able to maintain authority in the face of a rebellious populace?

Allred Head

in FF (2012) #1

When the Fantastic Four took off on another galactic adventure, they called upon friends and former members to step into their roles as heroes and teachers as substitutes. Medusa, along with She-Hulk, Miss Thing, and Ant-Man did their best to lead the Future Foundation!


in Inhuman (2014) #12

Former power couple Black Bolt and Medusa are no more. Due to his prolonged absence from Attilan and his activation of a Terrigen bomb, Medusa severs all ties with her husband. A serious smack down ensues.

Bringing her A-Game

in A-Force (2016) #1

The multiversal Singularity crash-landed on Earth-616 with fond memories of her allies from another reality, A-Force! Seeking out familiar friends like Medusa, Singularity re-forged the formidable female fighting team!

Didn’t See That Coming

in Civil War II (2016) #2

The new prophetic Inhuman Ulysses Cain has become the focus of the superhuman community…but he’s under the protection of Medusa and the Inhumans! Unfortunately for him, that isn’t enough to deter the Invincible Iron Man!