Shadow King

A multiversal being able to exist simultaneously across realities, the entity that calls itself the Shadow King has unprecedented telepathic power. Shadow King can control the minds of people with even the most indomitable of wills, including Cyclops, Legion, and Black Panther. While the yoke of Shadow King’s control has never been permanent, they remain one of the most devastating X-villains.


A Host It Seeks...

First Appearance

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #117

A flashback to Charles Xavier’s youth! While spending time in Cairo, Professor X was psychically assaulted by the Shadow King, who had assumed the body of Egyptian thief Amahl Farouk. An astral plane fight ensues!

Bad Karma

in New Mutants (1983) #6

The New Mutants set out to rescue Dani Moonstar from the clutches of Viper and Silver Samurai, but in exchange for the villains’ location Karma pledges a year of her life to her criminal uncle. Unfortunately for Karma, she would also spend much of the next year possessed by the Shadow King, who exploited their gluttony on her human form!

Thieves’ Gambit

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #266

When attempting to recover stolen artwork, a de-aged Storm unwittingly falls into a trap set by the Shadow King! Luckily, she is rescued by a new ally, the charming mutant Gambit!

Legion & the Muir Island Saga

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #278

Shadow King’s most traumatizing ploy came in the Muir Island Saga, in which Legion, Professor X’s son, was used as a psychic host to destroy the X-Men. The aftermath would leave Legion permanently altered. Read through #280 for the jaw-dropping conclusion!

Anarchy in the UK

in New Excalibur (2005) #8

After possessing the minds of an alternate-reality team of X-Men, the Shadow King brings them to the mainstream universe to play vicious mind games with Psylocke!

Worlds Apart

in X-Men: Worlds Apart (2008) #1

The Shadow King takes control of Black Panther as a parasite, and turns all of Wakanda against Storm and rookie X-Man Gentle. Storm is not only reunited with a nightmare from her past, she’s forced into battle with her husband!

Vs. Psylocke

in Uncanny X-Force (2010) #8

A nuclear facility has been psychically infiltrated! Psylocke pays an astral plane visit to the Shadow King, who is once more wearing the face of Amahl Farouk. Read this series in full for more Shadow King!