Marvel Celebrates

Marvel Pride

Marvel celebrates Pride! Read our favorite stories featuring LGBTQ+ characters, and stand proud with us!



in Iceman (2018) #1

Mutant Bobby Drake embraced his sexuality while a member of the All-New X-Men, a time-displaced team featuring the original five X-Men as their younger selves. Check out his solo adventures here!

America Chavez

in America Chavez: Made in the USA (2021) #1

A hero of the Multiverse and a former Young Avenger, "Miss America" Chavez can punch star-shaped holes through dimensions! Start her latest origin run here.


in Alpha Flight (1983) #106

Jean-Paul Beaubier is a high-flying speedster and founding member of Alpha Flight—he’s also the first Marvel character to come out on panel! Read his revolutionary admission here, and continue with his history-making wedding in ASTONISHING X-MEN (2004) #51.


in Runaways (2017) #8

Julie Power of Power Pack can fly at immense speeds, and has even broken the sound barrier. Here, she and Karolina Dean take on Doctor Doom with their full spectrum of force.


in Shatterstar (2018) #1

Before joining Cable's commando squad in X-FORCE (1991), Shatterstar, AKA “Gaveedra-Seven”, was a renegade from Mojoworld who was genetically modified to be a gladiator. See him play the rebel again in this solo series where he saves refugee mutants!

Ayo and Aneka

in Black Panther: World of Wakanda (2016) #1

Ayo and Aneka were once dedicated in their post as Dora Milaje, royal guards to the Black Panther. But when their native Wakanda began to buckle under violent rebellions, the warriors created their own army as the Midnight Angels to deliver peace. Together, they inspire democracy in Wakanda.


in Angela: Asgard's Assassin (2014) #1

Angela, the finest warrior of Heven, does her vanquishing alongside partner Sera, a fallen angel too. Together they shake down the doors of demons and demi-gods alike.


in King in Black: Wiccan and Hulkling (2021) #1

Young Avenger Billy Kaplan is a mage empowered far beyond his years—he has particularly strong control over his electro-kinetic and teleportation skills. After months of romantic tension in the Young Avengers' first series, Wiccan started a relationship with teammate Hulking. And now? The pair are married and taking on Knull!


in Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling (2020) #1

Theodore "Teddy" Altman is a changeling by birth. The son of the Kree Captain Mar-Vell and a Skrull Empress, he has often used his shape-shifting to blend into (or break out of) the crowd. And, in the EMPYRE event, Hulkling's unique birthright landed him the top spot as the King of Space!


in Astonishing X-Men (2004) #52

Vietnamese Xi'an Coy Manh was an original New Mutant and a current mutant power player. Gifted with the ability to telepathically possess a host, Karma can supplant her consciousness into any living form.


in Avengers Academy (2010) #23

As Avengers Academy recruit Striker, Brandon Sharpe could lunge into combat and ask questions later—after all, he is the “Human Electric Chair.” But in his personal life, Striker was at odds. Here, Brandon unpacks his heart to Julie Power.


in X-Men Legacy (2008) #228

Roxanne Washington is a young X-Man and a (former) student of Xavier's Institute. Her diamond exterior grants her durability and superhuman strength. She’s a vocal advocate for mutant rights.

Dr. Charlene McGowan

in Immortal Hulk (2018) #33

Introduced in IMMORTAL HULK (2018) #6, McGowan is a scientist who was responsible for experimenting on Bruce Banner’s zombified Hulk ego while working with the Shadow Base organization, an initiative started by General Reginald Fortean.


in X-Factor (2020) #1

Prodigy, AKA David Alleyne, was an original member of the second-generation New Mutants in 2003's NEW MUTANTS. Now, he is a member of Krakoa's detective force that investigates mysterious murders and oversees the mutants' Resurrection Protocols. A polymath, Prodigy can telepathically acquire people's skills, languages, and (human) abilities instantaneously.


in Excalibur (2019) #3

Julio Richter is no stranger to making waves. Able to control the vibrations of seismic activity, this mutant can create earthquakes of any magnitude. While working for Multiple Man’s X-Factor, Julio reignited his relationship with Shatterstar after they forged a deep friendship while both were members of X-Force.

Karolina Dean

in Runaways (2017) #3

Teen Runaway Karolina Dean has an easy, breezy nature that belies her extraordinary abilities. The daughter of two extraterrestrials, Karolina wears a bracelet that, when removed, allows her to project solar energy and fly.

Nico Minoru

in Runaways (2017) #12

Armed with her Staff of One, an ancient relic imbued with mystic power, Nico Minoru casts spells to stay alive. Although, her magic operates with an interesting caveat—she can never replicate the same spell twice. The Staff of One is also a key part of her familial legacy—both of Minoru’s parents were sorcerers empowered by the Gibborim, an ancient clan of giants.


in New X-Men (2004) #37

Victor Borkowski is a New Mutant turned X-Man whose mutation grants him many of the same skills as his lizard codename. Anole can stick to walls, camouflage to his surroundings, and even regenerate limbs. Here, the X-Boy becomes an X-Man by going to hell and back—literally!


in X-Men (2019) #6

Although her behavior is as slippery as her appearance, the shape-shifting Mystique found security in her relationship with the future-seeing Destiny, and together the two women raised adopted daughter Rogue. See what lengths Mystique will go to in order to save her wife.


in History of the Marvel Universe (2019) #2

Irene Adler’s mutant powers are either a curse or a gift depending on the recipient. A precognitive, Adler can see the future with uncanny accuracy. Read up on her shared history with Mystique.