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Thor: Jane Foster

in Mighty Thor (2015) #1

Starring Midgard-borne Thor, Jane Foster! Read this mythic and acclaimed series from start to finish.


in Master of Kung Fu (1974) #17

Continued from Special Marvel Edition (1971) #15-16. Shang-Chi, son of Fu Manchu, cements his status as the Master of Kung Fu in his long-running ongoing.

The Eternals

in Eternals (2006) #1

A perfect origin! Acclaimed novelist Neil Gaiman revives the Eternals. Artist John Romita Jr. astounds.

Uncanny X-Men

in Uncanny X-Men (2018) #1

Try this epic flagship X-Men title that brings fan-favorites into the fold!

Doctor Strange

in Doctor Strange (2018) #1

Interstellar and mind-bending are just a few words to describe this spacey series!

Guardians of the Galaxy

in Guardians of the Galaxy (2019) #1

Join our cosmic defenders in one of their latest ongoing series! A perfect jumping-on point!


in Blade (2006) #1

The half-human vampire slayer takes on a host of blood-sucking fiends! Featuring guest-stars like Spider-Man and Doctor Doom!

Black Widow

in Black Widow (2016) #1

The Eisner Award-winning duo of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee take Black Widow on the lam when she becomes S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Most Wanted!


in Thanos (2016) #1

Glimpse inside the mind of the Mad Titan in this galaxy-spanning series that ultimately sees Thanos 'win' dominion over the cosmos.


in Avengers (2012) #1

A blockbuster series that arguably features the greatest Avengers team ever! Read this series where the heroes mark Earth as an Avengers World!

Black Panther

in Black Panther (2016) #1

T’Challa steers Wakanda through rebellion in this cinematic series written by MacArthur Genius and National Book Award winner Ta-Nehisi Coates!

Captain Marvel: Carol Danvers

in The Mighty Captain Marvel (2017) #1

She’ll fly onto the big screen soon enough, but you can read Captain Marvel in her current comic series right now!

Ant-Man: Scott Lang

in Ant-Man (2015) #1

Get to know the man in the shrinking suit before seeing Ant-Man and the Wasp in theaters!

Wolverine: Laura Kinney

in All-New Wolverine (2015) #1

The Legacy of Wolverine continues with X-23 in this Marvel Unlimited favorite!

Cloak & Dagger

in Cloak and Dagger (1983) #1

Get ready for the super powered teen duo’s TV debut with their definitive origin story!


in Daredevil (2015) #1

The Man Without Fear serves Hell’s Kitchen as a District Attorney in his current ongoing series!


in Deadpool (2015) #1

Deadpool brings the violence and the funny in this standout read! A great place to start with Deadpool!

Iron Fist

in Immortal Iron Fist (2006) #1

This Eisner-winning series develops the mythos of K'un-Lun – mystical training grounds to the Iron Fist!

Planet Hulk Event

in Hulk (1999) #92

As seen in Thor: Ragnarok! Read through #105 to see Hulk’s rise as a gladiator on a savage, alien planet!

Infinity Event

in Infinity (2013) #1

Read the event that inspires the on-screen action in Avengers: Infinity War!

Iron Man

in Invincible Iron Man (2015) #1

Creators Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez bring a sleek new direction to Tony Stark…and introduce a surprising ally!

Jessica Jones

in Jessica Jones (2016) #1

Pop culture sensation and sleuth for hire Jessica Jones takes on a twisted caseload in this noir-filled series!

Luke Cage

in Luke Cage (2017) #1

The bulletproof Hero for Hire delves into his past for answers in his current series!

Moon Girl

in Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (2015) #1

Inhuman genius Lunella Lafayette and her prehistoric best friend star in this perfect All-Ages read!

Ms. Marvel

in Ms. Marvel (2014) #1

Meet teenage Kamala Khan: Jersey City’s super hero and comic phenomenon!

New Mutants

in New Mutants (1983) #1

Go back to school with these X-Men-in-training!

Old Man Logan

in Old Man Logan (2016) #1

Looking for more Old Man Logan? Look no further than this gritty story starring the man who was once Wolverine!

The Punisher

in Punisher (2000) #1

The Punisher takes on a slew of oddball crime in this manic series by comic legends Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon!


in Runaways (2003) #1

Six Los Angeles teens become runaways when they discover their parents are super-villains. Read the beloved Eisner-winner that inspired the TV show!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

in Spider-Man (2016) #1

A new Spider-Man is here and he’s a teenage Miles Morales, with all the same problems and heroism of the original Spidey!

Star Wars

in Star Wars (2015) #1

Check out the ongoing adventures of the Rebel Alliance set during the days of the original trilogy!

Spider-Man: Peter Parker

in The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #1

There’s tons of Spidey to choose from, and his current teched-out series is a great place to begin!


in Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #1

Looking for more Mighty Thor? Try this stunning story where the past and future Thor collide!

Squirrel Girl

in The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015) #1

Read Squirrel Girl’s Eisner-winning (and beyond clever) series today!

Dark Phoenix Saga

in Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

Read through #138 to behold one of the most storied and talked-about events in comics history. The X-Men lose Jean Grey to the Phoenix Force!


in Venom (2016) #1

The Spider-Man anti-hero Venom in his own blockbuster series! Read up on the Lethal Protector and his torturous symbiote “friend”!


in X-Men Legacy (2012) #1

Who is Legion? Read up on the world’s most unstable mutant in David Haller’s titular series!