From the Archives

Hidden Gems

Add to your reading list and uncover all that Marvel Unlimited has to offer! These ‘From the Archives’ series are handpicked by the editor spotlighting acclaimed stories you may have not read just yet!

Try These Series!

Marvel 1602

in 1602 (2003) #1

Master scribe Neil Gaiman reimagines the Marvel Universe of the 17th century in this inspired series!

Avengers Academy

in Avengers Academy (2010) #1

Teen soap opera with super heroics. Genetically altered high schoolers are recruited for an Avengers training program that aims to keep them on the straight and narrow.

Beauty & the Beast

in Beauty and the Beast (1985) #1

Unlikely romance, lightshows AND an underground mutant fighting ring? This offbeat story starring the X-Men’s Beast and Dazzler offers all that and more!

Jack Kirby’s Black Panther

in Black Panther (1977) #1

Comic maestro Jack Kirby pens and draws Panther’s first solo series! The search for ancient relics sets T’Challa and his entourage on an African quest!

Captain America by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale

in Captain America: White (2015) #1

The Eisner-winning duo takes Cap and Bucky back to the front lines of the Allied Forces in this WWII-era tale!

Frank Miller’s Daredevil

in Daredevil (1964) #158

Read the creator’s historic run on the Man Without Fear through #191!

Doctor Strange: The Oath

in Doctor Strange: The Oath (2006) #1

Doctor Strange is out to solve an unlikely attempted murder – his own!

Jack Kirby’s Eternals

in Eternals (1976) #1

Kirby’s legendary imagination is in full force with Eternals, his original series about a godlike race locked in conflict with the less evolved Deviants and the superior Celestials.


in Excalibur (1988) #1

Captain Britain leads U.K.’s mutant super team! Take a read to behold the bizarre interdimensional hijinks that defines Excalibur!

Hawkeye by Matt Fraction & David Aja

in Hawkeye (2012) #1

Clint Barton acts as mentor to the next generation Hawkeye in this slice-of-life series. See the two Hawkeyes take on threats both street-level and S.H.I.E.L.D.-level in this Eisner winner!

Peter David’s Hulk

in Incredible Hulk (1962) #331

Read one of the Hulk’s most monumental runs, a near 12-year tenure by writer Peter David. From Gray Hulk to Future Imperfect, some of our favorite Hulk stories start here through #467!

Inhumans by Paul Jenkins & Jae Lee

in Inhumans (1998) #1

A Royal Family fracas against a breathtaking alien backdrop. Read this Eisner winner today!

Marvel Boy by Grant Morrison & J.G. Jones

in Marvel Boy (2000) #1

Kree space warrior Noh-Varr sets out to destroy the Midas Foundation – an intergalactic weapons dealership that apprehended him AND stole his tech!

Wolverine’s History

in Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #72

The secrets of Logan’s past are revealed through #84, recounting his capture, torture and employment by Weapon X.

Most Mad Moon Knight

in Moon Knight (2014) #1

Meet our most unconventional anti-hero (and his multiple personalities)! Marc Spector: mercenary, millionaire, and Moon Knight, avatar to the Egyptian moon god!


in Nextwave: Agents of H.a.T.E. (2006) #1

A repeat highlight from our Creator Spotlights, this series by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen is an industry and fan-favorite. Elsa Bloodstone leads a monster hunting combat crew in this entirely bonkers read.


in Punisher (2009) #1

Read through #11 to see Punisher undergo a weird science transformation – presenting Franken-Castle!

She-Hulk: Single Green Female

in She-Hulk (2004) #1

Superhuman lawyer Jen Walters is joined by oddball guest-star after another in this riotously funny series!

Silver Surfer by Dan Slott & Mike Allred

in Silver Surfer (2014) #1

A human companion joins Silver Surfer’s galactic quest. Read the Eisner-winning #11 to be fully turned around!

Fall of Quicksilver

in Son of M (2005) #1

After losing his mutant abilities, a suicidal Quicksilver seeks newfound power amongst the Inhumans. A gorgeously human story with a tragic twist.

Fantastic Four: Unstable Molecules

in Startling Stories: Fantastic Four - Unstable Molecules (2003) #1

James Sturm and Guy Davis’ Eisner winner reimagines the Fantastic Four during the height of 1950s America – without super powers or cosmic adventuring!

Walt Simonson’s Thor

in Thor (1966) #337

You too will regale these Tales from Asgard, considered some of the most defining Thor stories of all time. Read through #382 for the writer and artist’s full, spellbinding run!

Vision by Tom King & Gabriel Hernandez Walta

in Vision (2015) #1

The Avenging Synthezoid creates his own android family. What happens next is the American Dream turned nightmare in this ‘Best Limited Series’ Eisner winner.

Adam Warlock

in Warlock (2004) #1

Humanity’s doomsday clock has nearly struck midnight and our only hope for survival lies with a select few. From the hive mind of the Enclave comes Warlock – a being of extraordinary power created from an artist’s vision!

Werewolf by Night

in Werewolf by Night (1972) #1

Looking for some hirsute horror? Try this 1970s monster series featuring the lycanthropically cursed Jack Russell!

Wolverine & the X-Men

in Wolverine & the X-Men (2011) #1

Oft-grumpy Logan must teach arguably the strangest class of mutants at Xavier’s Institute yet!

Peter David’s X-Factor

in X-Factor (2005) #1

At Multiple Man’s mutant detective agency, the only thing more interesting than the caseload is the team drama! Its cast of characters is what makes X-Factor a true standout.


in X-Statix (2002) #1

It doesn’t get more irreverent than X-Statix. ‘Celebrity’ mutant heroes live together reality-TV style and perform public service for stardom. The brand of weird only Peter Milligan and Mike Allred can deliver!