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New Mutants

Wolfsbane. Cannonball. Sunspot. Moonstar. Magik. Magma. Teenagers thrown together by the one thing they had in common -- the X-Factor in their genes that made them different, made them mutants. In a world that hates and fears them, it’s up to the next generation of X-Men to lead mutantkind into the future.


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Meet the New Mutants

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Wolfsbane: Rahne Sinclair

in New Mutants Graphic Novel (Trade Paperback)

One of the founding members of the New Mutants, Rahne Sinclair alternates between a quiet and religious young Scottish woman and a nightmarish werewolf. Once a student of the Xavier Institute, Rahne has since graduated and proven herself a hero many times over and has been a member of several other X-teams including X-Factor, X-Force and Excalibur.

Cannonball: Sam Guthrie

in New Mutants (1983) #1

The oldest son of a Kentucky coal mining family, Sam Guthrie discovered he was a mutant with the ability to fly as fast as a jet while projecting a force field that, in his own words, makes him “nigh invulnerable when Ah’m blastin’!” As Cannonball, Sam went on to become a model X-Men student and even went on to lead incarnations of the New Mutants and X-Force as well as a member of the Avengers.

Sunspot: Roberto da Costa

in New Mutants (1983) #16

A young man from a wealthy Brazilian family, Roberto da Costa is a teen quick to anger who can channel solar energy into becoming a powerhouse of unbelievable strength. As Sunspot, he’s often the pillar of resolve and power for the New Mutants team.

Moonstar: Danielle Moonstar

in New Mutants (1983) #18

Dani Moonstar is a teen Native American with the psychic mutant abilities to project visions into others and can even form arrows out of physic energy. A young woman of strong convictions, Xavier made her co-leader of the first New Mutants team along with Cannonball.

Magik: Illyana Rasputin

in New Mutants (1983) #34

The younger sister of the X-Man Colossus, Illyana Rasputin is a young mutant with the power to teleport. But she’s also gone on to become a sorceress of great repute, even studying under the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange himself! As Magik, Illyana has had some complicated teen years that range from a pivotal member of the New Mutants to the leader of the demon-infested realm known as Limbo.

Magma: Amara Aquilla

in New Mutants (1983) #8

The multilingual Magma was raised in the secluded jungles of South America in a colony that modeled itself after the original Roman Republic. When her mutant powers first erupted, she discovered her control over geothermal activities, including tectonic plates and even lava. In her Magma form, she is a mutant volcano, capable of projecting orbs of fire.