Character Close Up


Korg of Krona is a member of the Warbound, an alliance of gladiators that were once captives on the planet Sakaar. While the Red King’s slave, Korg joined the rebellion that would topple a dictatorship placing Hulk on the throne. Like all Kronans, he is vastly strong with an armor of rocky skin.


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Just a Tough Exterior

The Pits

in Hulk (1999) #93

Korg is unleashed against his future allies in a “whoever’s left standing” arena match! Selected by the King’s guards alongside seven other warriors, Korg decides it’s easier to make friends and swears a truce with his fellow refugees. Read the entire Planet Hulk event, available as a Discover!

Korg’s Secret History

in Hulk (1999) #94

A faction of Sakaarians fight back against the barbarism of their ‘pleasure’ planet, but Korg and company still feel the lure of freedom through championship. But when one of their own falls in the ring, the surviving gladiators swap histories and unite. The Warbound is born and they will die for no one!

Detective Korg

in World War Hulk: Front Line (2007) #1

Hulk returns to Earth for vengeance against those who exiled him, and he’s brought the Warbound with him! “Emissary” Korg acts on the interest of “Green Scar” for a peaceful occupation – but ends up investigating the death of a Warbound pilot with the NYPD’s Danny Granville! Odd couple if we’ve ever read one!

Welcome to Gammaworld!

in World War Hulk: Warbound (2007) #1

Korg, Elloe, No-Name and Hiroim Oldstrong are still hiding out from humanity following the events of World War Hulk (read it now as a Discover)! But when the crew encounters irradiated horrors in New Mexico, their exile is over and a death match begins! Will the Warbound follow the Leader to Gammaworld?

Abominations & Chaos

in Incredible Hulks (2010) #618

An astral projection of Doctor Strange begs Hulk and his allies to stem the tide of devastation threatening New York. Korg joins the frontline against the Abomination, now empowered by the King of Chaos and flanked by a demon army!