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The God of Mischief. The Prince of Lies. Loki’s sorcery and deceptions have long been legend in Asgard, where he lives as a reigning immortal in Odin’s court. The runt son of a Frost Giant king, Loki was raised by the All-Father yet still struggles as a black sheep. Dangerous and mirthful, he wears many faces.

Trickster’s Fables

War of the Realms

in War of the Realms (2019) #1

Loki learns the hard way how feeble an alliance can be in this cross-realm saga that pulled all of Earth's heroes into a battle for Migard. The Prince of Lies paid a high price for his part in Malekith's takeover of all Ten Realms, but in the end, things came up Loki. Literally.

King Loki

in Loki (2019) #1

Once upon a time, Loki was the King of the Frost Giants. But who needs a crown when you have a Multiverse of stories to travel? Guest-starring Wolverine and Iron Man!

Loki: Sorcerer Supreme

in Doctor Strange (2015) #381

He has the cloak, the spells — he’s even got Zelma Stanton as his assistant (and possibly more?) — but is this the chance Loki needs to become a hero, or is the god of lies dangerously close to unlimited power?

Agent of Asgard

in Loki: Agent of Asgard (2014) #1

Kid Loki's all grown up – and the God of Mischief is stronger, smarter and sneakier than ever before. Now serving as Asgard's one-man secret service, he's ready to lie, steal, bluff and snog his way through the most treacherous missions the All-Mother can throw at him...starting with a heist on Avengers Tower – and the death of Thor! Think we’re lying to you? It’s possible!

Asgardia’s Civil War

in Mighty Thor (2015) #5

Loki returns to the City of the Gods…in chains! Following his silver-tongued magic show in #2, Thor lets Loki in on her plan to restore balance to Asgard. The All-Father has become increasingly paranoid, going so far as to imprison the ‘treasonous’ Freyja! During Thor’s smack down with Odin, Loki unveils himself as a double agent – by backstabbing his own mother!

President Loki

in Vote Loki (2016) #1

Loki is many things—god, trickster, brother, liar, son, villain, even hero. In this series, he strives to add one more credit to his resume: President of the United States. A satire by writer Christopher Hastings.

“Look, Thor – There is a Sea Beast!”

in Journey Into Mystery (1952) #85

In his first appearance, Loki frees himself of a tree prison and heads to Midgard to unloose his magic amongst mortals. All in a bid to retrieve Thor’s mighty hammer Mjolnir, long desired by the oft-jealous Loki!

Conjuring a Calamity

in Avengers (1963) #1

Loki – the threat that assembled the Avengers! While exiled on the Isle of Silence, Loki cooks up a plot that frames the Hulk for a runaway train fiasco. See Earth’s Mightiest put the kibosh on the mischief-maker!

Powerful Guest-Stars

in Journey Into Mystery (1952) #108

Wherever Loki goes, heroes follow in droves! After shifting into a bee to slip past the all-seeing Heimdall, Loki zips across the Bifrost Bridge to kidnap Jane Foster. A weakened Doctor Strange and the original Avengers give Thor a hand with his unruly brother!

Friends in Low Places

in Thor (1966) #175

Odin is in his cycle of deep sleep, leaving Asgard’s throne ripe for the taking! Amassing an army of giants, trolls and demons, Loki gives good talk to gain allies. Thor and the Warriors Three put up a valiant effort – but Asgard succumbs to its outcast prince!


in Thor (1966) #353

The End of Days? The trickster plays for Team Asgard when he takes down fire demon Surtur who’s threatening Ragnarok. Stick around for the next issue – Thor and Loki must reclaim Odin from Hel! Also a treat? #364 where Loki turns Thor into a frog!

“Boyhood Besmirched!”

in Thor (1966) #432

Loki holds a mortal boy captive...and the ransom is Mjolnir! Brother duels brother in this battle of brawn, misdirection and really personal barbs. But this squabble gets way out of hand when the demon Mephisto comes for Thor’s soul!

The Trials of Loki

in Loki (2010) #1

He may act the jester, but he longs for greater recognition. In these adaptations of Norse myths, we recall Loki’s history and banishment by the Aesir. From that unfortunate incident with Sif, to the enigmatic prophecies of the Wyrd, learn how Loki became the most mistrusted in all the Nine Realms.


in Siege: Loki (2010) #1

Leader of H.A.M.M.E.R. Norman Osborn takes Loki’s advice – which is the first thing to go wrong. In Siege, Loki (shifting in and out of female form), is the destructive whisper that inspires Osborn’s assault on Asgard, currently floating above Broxton, Oklahoma. Faustian bargains lead to slow burning madness and rifts within Osborn’s Cabal…and you won’t believe what happens when the Sentry goes berserk!

Kid Loki

in Journey Into Mystery (2011) #622

Loki reanimates as a child following his death by the Void! Shunned by fellow Asgardians following Siege, Loki turns to the Odinson for support. But a magpie appears with a key that unlocks the mystery of the elder Loki’s demise, and our young troublemaker is set off on a journey through the Nine Realms to realign his fate! Read through #645 for Loki’s starring arc.

Teen Loki

in Young Avengers (2013) #1

Everyone's favorite mischief-maker de-ages a few years and joins the interdimensional cast of the Young Avengers. Romance, punching, and a trippy parasitic entity named "Mother." See why this series is a fan-favorite!