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Neena Thurman, aka Domino, was the product of an illicit government program whose goal was to create the ultimate mutant weapon. However, after Domino’s “good luck” powers activate, she escapes and takes up the life of a mercenary and eventually becomes a super hero as a mainstay member of X-Force.


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Lady Luck

Grab a Six Pack

in X-Force (1991) #8

Domino’s history as a former member of the mercenary strike force Six Pack (then known as Wild Pack) revealed! Domino, Cable, and the rest of the team set out on a mission to retrieve a crucial component from a secret Hydra base. Just before Baron von Strucker is able to ensnare them, the team makes their escape via Cable’s body sliding technology.


in X-Force (1991) #11

Domino has spent time with X-Force since their inception – or has she? In this issue, Deadpool confronts “Domino” and reveals that she was actually the mutant mimic Copycat in disguise, informing on X-Force to their super-villain nemesis (and the real Domino’s captor) Tolliver!

Perfect Weapon

in Domino (2003) #1

After years of searching, Domino finally has a lead on the location of her mother. However, Domino soon finds herself embroiled in a deadly conspiracy revolving around a secret project known only as Project Armageddon. What is the relationship between Domino’s mother and the ruthless Armajesuits, and what is Domino’s connection to Project Armageddon?

Old Ghosts

in X-Force (2008) #8

When Wolverine founds a new black-ops strike force version of X-Force, he and his team encounter Domino in Japan while tracking down the Vanisher. After Domino aids them in his capture, she agrees to join the team.

What about Rock and Roll?

in X-Force: Sex and Violence (2010) #1

Wolverine and Domino team-up in this grindhouse thriller! Caught between two teams of fatal foes, the X-Force teammates will have to cut their own blood-soaked path in order to survive. Can the two heroes withstand a non-stop barrage from ninjas, assassins, and super-powered mercenaries?

Zeroes for Hire

in Deadpool & the Mercs for Money (2016) #4

Following the disintegration of Deadpool’s original team, Domino reforms the Mercs for Money. Their first mission: to rescue Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the unscrupulous Umbral Dynamics. The mission is a success and as an added bonus, Deadpool rejoins the team he created.

Quid Pro Quo

in Uncanny X-Men Annual (2016) #1

During the time when the Terrigen Cloud roamed the Earth, killing mutants with the M-Pox it carried, a corrupt Colombian officer Danilo Rojas saw the cloud as a gift from God and seized the opportunity to murder infected mutants in their weakened state. Domino tips off Avengers Idea Mechanics about Rojas and they in turn hire Domino to take Rojas out!

Weapons of Mutant Destruction

in Weapon X (2017) #3

The Weapon X program is back and they are targeting mutants with accelerated healing factors and adamantium enhancements. Domino joins up with Old Man Logan, Lady Deathstrike, Sabretooth, and Warpath in order to prevent the evil organization from continuing their horrific experimentations.