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Pepe Larraz’s Picks

The Avengers: No Surrender artist shares his Marvel pull list! Start reading No Surrender today, the 16-part Avengers epic by fellow outstanding talents Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub, Kim Jacinto, Paco Medina and more! And stay tuned for more of Pepe’s energized work on the horizon!


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Weapon X by Barry Windsor-Smith

in Marvel Comics Presents (1988) #72

A classic. When you create a secret and dark background for a character, most of the time it works so long as you don’t unveil it, because the suggestion is more powerful than any story. This is the exception. In this case, whatever you imagine the Weapon X program to be, is small compared to what Barry Windsor-Smith shows you in the pages of this masterpiece [#72-84].

Spider-Man 2099 by David, Leonardi, Williamson & More

in Spider-Man 2099 (1992) #1

A personal choice. This was one of the first Marvel series I started to buy every month, so it’s pretty special to me. But the quality and originality of this series is still astonishing twenty years later. The vision of the future presented here is a joy to behold.

Generation X & Generation Next (1995) by Lobdell & Bachalo

in Generation X (1994) #1

I’m kind of obsessed with these comics. That dark tone from the start, different to any other mutant title I've ever seen (except, maybe Bill Sienkiewicz’s "New Mutants"), the character design: Chamber, Penance, Skin. Emplate. Special mention to the team’s post-apocalyptic version from Age of Apocalypse, a perfect four-issue run with such intensity on its ending. Something I've rarely seen in comics.

All-New X-Men by Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen

in All-New X-Men (2012) #1

To me, everything in this series is just perfect. The story, the plot twists, the dialogue, the art (THE ART!), the colors. I could spend hours telling you why you have to read this series, but I'll only say this: this is why I love comics.

Silver Surfer: Parable by Stan Lee & Moebius

in Silver Surfer: Parable (1988)

A rarity. It’s the meeting point of two of the greatest all-time comic creators, and also is the meeting point of two different languages, two different ways of telling stories. And surprisingly, they meld admirably.

Deadpool: The Circle Chase by Nicieza & Madureira

in Deadpool: The Circle Chase (1993) #1

I'm an absolute fan of this mini-series. It's more a caper story than a super hero one, but all the characters are pure charisma. And Joe Madureira’s art is just fantastic.