Character Close Up

Bill Foster: Giant-Man

From biochemist to super-sized hero! Dr. Bill Foster has taken a few monikers in his Marvel career, however his incredible ability to become as large as a building has always remained the same! Check out the behemoth’s comic history here!


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The Avenger’s Goliath

A Big Help

in Avengers (1963) #32

When Hank Pym finds himself unable to shrink back down past ten feet, he enlists the help of fellow scientist Bill Foster. But the Avengers are contending with the racist cult known as the Sons of the Serpent, and the African-American Foster finds himself the target of their next hate crime!

Among Us Walks...Goliath!

in Power Man (1974) #24

Taking a break from their search for Claire Temple, Luke Cage and his friend D.W. Griffith decide to visit the circus. Coincidentally, Temple is there to visit her ex-husband Bill Foster, now the size-shifting hero Goliath! When Power Man discovers them both, Goliath attacks on behalf of the Circus of Crime!

Going Solo

in Black Goliath (1976) #1

After earning a prime position at Stark Enterprises, Foster moves back to his hometown of Los Angeles. Contemplating his professional career and his heroic one, Foster must decide which part of his life he should focus on. And when he gets wind that a Stark shipment could be the target of a super villain robbery, his worlds collide sooner than expected!

One Small Step for a Giant-Man

in Marvel Two-in-One (1974) #55

An escaped mutant interrupts a friendly poker game at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S.! Foster has no choice but to reveal his secret identity as Goliath to the Thing in order to protect him from Nuklo’s mischief. And since no hero is currently using the name, Thing suggests that Foster take over the mantle of Giant-Man!

A Hero’s Death

in Civil War (2006) #4

During the Superhuman Civil War, Goliath sides with Captain America in the Anti-Registration camp. In the battle at Geffen-Meyer Chemicals, Goliath confronts a seemingly resurrected Thor (actually the cyborg-clone Ragnarok). “Thor” mercilessly shoots a powerful blast of lightning through Foster’s chest, killing him instantly and inadvertently shifting the tide of the war.