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As Cottonmouth, Cornell Stokes has asserted himself as a crime boss over several of New York City’s dealings, having hands in its drug trade and human trafficking rings. It’s often fallen to Luke Cage to stop Cottonmouth and his illegal activities.

Cottonmouth’s Empire

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A Snake Bite

In Power Man (1974) #18

The first mention of Stokes is as the final words of Flea, Luke Cage’s informant. Flea lays dying in an alley, slowly slipping away from a dose of poison…dished out by a mysterious “Cottonmouth”.

You Could’ve Called!

In Power Man (1974) #19

In his first full appearance, Cottonmouth seeks the employ of Cage, sending one of the worst calling cards to his front door – a box of snakes! Cage agrees to aid Stokes’ heroin ring, only to gain access to its source. We also get to see Cottonmouth’s signature trait – his sharply filed fangs.


In Shadowland: Power Man (2010) #1

Victor Alvarez, the all-new Power Man, doesn’t just have to worry about Hand ninjas overrunning his city – he’s also got his hands full with Cottonmouth’s latest side op as a trafficker! Luke Cage, Iron Fist and even Daredevil guest-star in this mini-series!

Harlem Burns

In Power Man and Iron Fist (2016) #10

A new turf war erupts featuring some key players from Cage and Rand’s pasts! Cottonmouth Tombstone, Mr. Fish, Piranha, Black Cat and a mysterious new player are all vying for a piece of Harlem’s pie – and the citizens of New York are the ones who will pay!

The New Pride

In Power Man and Iron Fist (2016) #13

In a surprising move, Cage acts in Cottonmouth’s interest by issuing a stern warning for him to skip town at the funeral of gangster “Piranha” Jones. The resurrected Alex Wilder (from Runaways fame!), has gained new occult powers courtesy of the demon Chadoe, and to boot, Lonnie Lincoln (A.K.A. Tombstone), is also out for blood from anyone who’s crossed him.