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Mairghread Scott, screenwriter of Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, and comic and animation writer, shares her favorite comics starring the heroes from the film! Watch Marvel Rising: Initiation on Marvel HQ’s YouTube channel today, and tune in for the feature-length movie, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, premiering September 30 at 10PM ET/PT on Disney Channel and Disney XD!

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America Chavez

In Young Avengers (2013) #1

Young Avengers is the quintessential Marvel teen super hero book. Not only is this run by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, Matt Wilson and Clayton Cowles a great way to get to know America, who will be appearing in Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, but it is also the book I turned to in order to get that teenager mindset for writing the Marvel Rising characters. Plus, it’s just beautiful and the characters are so cool.


In Secret Warriors (2009) #1

This book is about Quake, A.K.A. Daisy Johnson, recruiting a team of young super-powered individuals to save the world. Sounds familiar, right? This book was a huge inspiration for me when writing the feature, Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, and while the movie isn’t an adaptation of this run, this series definitely inspired my take on Quake.

Squirrel Girl

In The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl (2015) #1

What Ryan North and Erica Henderson accomplished with this series is phenomenal. This is the funniest comic on the stands but is also a great action book with real heart. It also helped me set up the rules for how Squirrel Girl would bend the fourth wall, but not totally break it (like being her own announcer in the Initiation shorts). Every Marvel Rising fan should read this.???

Ms. Marvel: Kamala Khan

In Ms. Marvel (2014) #1

What can I say about G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona’s Ms. Marvel that hasn’t been said? They created the most iconic super hero of this century. Kamala is brave while being able to fear, she is strong while being able to doubt, and she is just an incredible character. This book inspired some of the best parts of Marvel Rising and I hope that my script does it justice.???

Ghost Spider: Gwen Stacy

In Spider-Gwen (2015) #1

I hadn’t read this until I started pitching for Marvel Rising and I was just floored. This series is an awesome introduction to Gwen’s origin, her world, her powers. Her amazing design hooks you right away and then her story is just so tragic. Obviously, this influenced us heavily in writing her origin for Marvel Rising: Initiation because when you have a story this perfect why reinvent the wheel?