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Sony Interactive Entertainment, Camouflaj & Marvel invite you to suit up in an original Iron Man adventure for PlayStation VR! Fire up your Repulsor Jets & blast into the skies with an arsenal of iconic weapons you’ll wield against Stark’s greatest foes! Inspired by 80 years of Marvel comics, James Howell, Narrative Designer, Writer & Producer from Camouflaj, shares his favorite Iron Man arcs!


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Demon in a Bottle

In Iron Man (1968) #126

Read through #128! Not only is this story a key developing point for Stark, it stands as an all-time classic that shows how Marvel imbues our heroes with relatable humanity. In this saga, Tony’s alcoholism emerges through the stress of being a Super Hero who’s running a multi-national corporation. David Michelinie & Bob Layton’s plotting shows Tony inside and outside the armor as he faces his greatest enemy: himself.


In The Invincible Iron Man (2004) #1

Read through #6! A defining storyline, Extremis pushes our hero to the edge. Writer Warren Ellis & artist Adi Granov, co-creator of the Marvel’s Iron Man VR Impulse Armor, craft a narrative that shows how far Tony will go towards his vision as he steps closer to becoming one with his Iron Man armor. With Tony’s transhumanist goals at the forefront, the dimensionality of the Super Hero is explored in a modern origin.

Civil War

In Iron Man/Captain America: Casualties of War (2006) #1

While the iconic Marvel conflict rages, this issue highlights Tony's personal bond with Captain America. This story delves into not only the Avengers’ history but Tony’s strengths and flaws as he discusses their entwined past and jeopardized future. With Christos Gage as writer, the histories of both characters bloom, from Tony’s forward-thinking insight to Cap’s passionate heart, to witnessing their shared dismay.


In Iron Man: Inevitable (2005) #1

Frazer Irving & co-writer Joe Casey deliver a pensive mini-series that explores three facets of Stark. Readers see Tony as a socialite during his off hours, along with his attempts to rehabilitate Living Laser, a former enemy. Finally, Tony faces one of his most conflicted relationships: the Iron Man identity. With villains like Ghost & Spymaster, ‘Inevitable’ grounds the hero with deep roots and years of experience.

Return of Doom

In Invincible Iron Man (2015) #1

Read though #5! Brian Michael Bendis returns to write the charming sides of Tony. Personable and highly confident, though sometimes to the point of error, Iron Man remains likable. In this story, Tony tracks down old flame Madame Masque, who has stolen from Doctor Doom, leading to a clash of might, metal, and magic. From Tony’s banter with his A.I. Friday to brand new armor, you’ve never seen an Iron Man like this!