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Originally assembled through a government initiative, Alpha Flight is Canada’s premiere Super Hero team. Comprised of a variety of heroes of Canadian heritage, the members of Alpha Flight have a wide range of abilities from the scientific to the supernatural. Learn about each member, and follow up with ALPHA FLIGHT: TRUE NORTH #1!


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Guardian: James Hudson

In Alpha Flight (1983) #1

Scientist and engineer extraordinaire James Hudson wasn’t born with super-powers. His engineering skills gave him the ability to design his own suit which granted him supersonic flight and powerful electromagnetic beams. After hearing about the Fantastic Four, Hudson was inspired to create his own super-team.

Vindicator: Heather Hudson

In Alpha Flight (1983) #18

Heather Hudson met James Hudson while they were both working at the same petroleum company. She didn’t have any powers of her own, but that didn’t stop her from becoming a crucial member of the team. She would later become the leader of Alpha Flight under the name Vindicator—with a pretty cool powered suit as a bonus!

Sasquatch: Walter Langkowski

In Alpha Flight (1983) #9

Super-genius Dr. Langkowski was always interested in researching how gamma rays can transform humans, just like what happened to Dr. Bruce Banner, AKA Hulk. After exposing himself to gamma radiation, Langkowski was able to transform into the beastly Sasquatch. He has continued to demonstrate his powers by teaming up with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Howling Commandos.

Northstar: Jean-Paul Beaubier

In Alpha Flight (1983) #8

Coming from a broken family, mutant Jean-Paul Beaubier was separated from his twin sister Jeanne-Marie at a young age. He wouldn’t be reunited with her until they were both recruited for the team many years later. He has been a valuable member of Alpha Flight and has also used his photokinetic powers as a longstanding X-Man.

Aurora: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier

In Alpha Flight (2011) #3

When Jeanne-Marie was reunited with her brother Jean-Paul on Alpha Flight, they discovered how their flight and light powers could work in concert. Jeanne-Marie has helped fight some of Alpha Flight’s most notorious villains, but also has her own inner conflicts. She struggles with balancing her two different personalities which often combat each other.

Puck: Eugene Judd

In Alpha Flight (1983) #5

Former mercenary Eugene Judd is a witty and highly trained fighter who has repeatedly come to the aid of his fellow teammates. After a battle with Black Raazer, his height was decreased, but his lifespan greatly lengthened. Judd has been one of the most committed members, despite constant changes to the roster.

Shaman: Michael Twoyoungmen

In Alpha Flight (1983) #27

A member of the Sarcee people, physician Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen is trained in medicine and has knowledge of his grandfather’s sacred spells. By the time he was recruited into Alpha Flight, he was using the alias Shaman. He’s also teamed up with other heroes including Doctor Strange and Iron Man. Famously, his medicine pouch hosts a pocket dimension from which he can summon just about anything.

Talisman: Elizabeth Twoyoungmen

In Alpha Flight (1983) #19

Daughter of Shaman, Elizabeth Twoyoungmen has the power to manipulate vast magical energies and command the spirits of nature. She is the embodiment of the 300-year-old legendary figure Talisman, and controls her powers through the Coronet of Enchantment.

Snowbird: Narya

In Alpha Flight (1983) #6

The daughter of the goddess Nelvanna, Snowbird can shapeshift into any animal native to the northern part of Canada. Snowbird is tasked with ensuring the protection of the Great White North from the Great Beasts that her ancient Inuit ancestors battled.

Marrina: Marrina Smallwood Mackenzie

In Alpha Flight (1983) #4

Marrina is a member of an extraterrestrial species known as the Plodex. She is an aquatics master, and can swim at tremendous speeds plus control surrounding bodies of water. She briefly left the team to be with Namor, but after a rocky end to their relationship, she returned to Alpha Flight’s fold.

Bonus Member: Wolverine

In Uncanny X-Men (1963) #109

Wolverine has been connected with Alpha Flight since the very beginning! In fact, he helped Guardian put together the team roster and was originally supposed to be the leader… but took a “better” offer with the X-Men instead. Continue through issue #121 for Alpha Flight’s first full appearance.