Let those who are worthy wield the power of Mjolnir! In this Discover section, we shine the spotlight on the heroes, and villains, who have lifted Thor's hammer and lived to tell the tale. With All-New Thor right around the corner, Marvel readers will be curious to see who else besides the Mighty Thunderer has been given the Asgardian stamp of "Worthy".

Who Has Been Worthy

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In Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83

Witness the might of Mjolnir in its very first appearance! Midgard mortal Donald Blake stumbles into a cave while vacationing in Norway. Within seconds of touching a walking stick, Dr. Blake is transformed into Thor, God of Thunder.


In Thor (1998) #14

When Mjolnir starts to behave strangely, Thor suspects foul play. During a battle with the Absorbing Man and Titania, Mjolnir is revealed to be under the possession of Enrakt, one of the Enchanters Three!

Captain America

In Thor (1966) #390

Captain America, worthy of Mjolnir! Witness Cap wield the Thunder God's hammer for the first time.


In Thor (1966) #391

Introducing Eric Masterson, the hero known as Thunderstrike! While assisting a wounded Thor in battle, Eric is deemed worthy of Mjolnir and comes to possess immortal strength.


In Deadpool (1997) #37

Deadpool, worthy of Mjolnir? After another plot against Thor is thwarted, Loki creates an Asgardian hammer just for Deadpool. Will Wade Wilson wield the hammer responsibly?

Beta Ray Bill

In Thor (1966) #337

Enter Beta Ray Bill! Korbinite alien Beta Ray Bill can lift Thor's hammer with ease. But why has Odin selected this strange creature to wield Mjolnir?

Frog Thor

In Thor (1966) #364

After an enchantment spell turns Thor into a frog, the God of Thunder must adapt to his new amphibian form. The first appearance of "Throg, Frog of Thunder"!

Red Hulk

In Hulk (2008) #5

Red Hulk vs. Thor! In a battle of sheer brawn, Red Hulk seizes control over Mjolnir. How is Red Hulk capable of this feat? And which side will prove victorious?

Roger Norvell

In Thor (1966) #276

Filmmaker Roger Norvell gets more than he bargained for when Loki smuggles his crew into Asgard to film a documentary. Enchanted with the lives of the Norse gods, Loki grants Norvell the powers of Thor. But despite his mighty hammer, and his even mightier strength, will Norvell's abilities prove too much for mortal man?

Awesome Android

In She-Hulk (2005) #14

Did you know the Awesome Android once wielded the hammer of Thor? It's true! In this spectacular She-Hulk issue, the Awesome Android reveals his past stint with Asgardian superpowers.