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We kick off a new month with our comic picks for the week of August 3! From new additions, to must-read classics, jump start your reading here.


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Pick of the Week

In X-Men (2019) #5

The X-Men, the most powerful heroes on the planet, deal with an old nemesis’ surprising return…

Prelude to Empyre

In Avengers: Celestial Quest (2001) #1

Before picking up LORDS OF EMPYRE: CELESTIAL MESSIAH #1 in digital or print this Wednesday, set the stage for the Cotati’s involvement in EMPYRE with this 2001 epic. A pivotal arc for Mantis fans, and the introduction of her son, Quoi.

MU Favorite

In Avengers (2018) #30

“Starbrand Reborn” conclusion: Who will be branded? In a Shi’ar space prison the size of a galaxy, the cosmic war for the Starbrand super weapon comes to its cataclysmic conclusion.

The End

In Doctor Strange: The End (2020) #1

The final Doctor Strange story! The Sorcerer Supreme makes his final journey through a cyberpunk sprawl that forgot about magic!

Dawn of X

In New Mutants (2019) #6

When Armor and her team set off to bring their friends home to Krakoa, they thought it’d be an easy sell and a quick trip. Then everything went sideways, and now they’re in serious trouble—looks like it’s time to call in the cavalry.

Enter the Wastelands

In Avengers of the Wastelands (2020) #1

A new story from the world of “Old Man Logan!” In a world where most of the Super Heroes fell at the hands of the Red Skull over fifty years ago, a new force rises in the Wastelands.

MU Favorite

In Hawkeye: Freefall (2020) #2

The mystery surrounding the volatile new Ronin deepens as his actions begin to destabilize the seedy underbelly of New York City. Hawkeye finds himself caught in the middle of an increasingly dangerous turf war.

Tale from the Backlists

In Wolverine (2003) #66

Read the original “Old Man Logan” arc in full! Start here and continue through issue #72, before concluding with WOLVERINE: OLD MAN LOGAN GIANT-SIZE (2009) #1.

Meet the Man-Thing

In Weapon Plus: World War IV (2020) #1

Whatever Knows Fear! Biochemist Ted Sallis was developing a serum for military application, but was tragically killed in a freak accident before he could perfect it. Still, the data behind his formula remains property of the United States government…

Dawn of X

In X-Force (2019) #6

Domino and Forge have to pick up the pieces as the team faces a major setback. Then, Beast takes matters into his own hands when a piece of new technology threatens the safety of the nation.

MU Favorite

In Immortal Hulk (2018) #30

The first Gamma Bomb unleashed a terrifying creature with impossible strength who waged war on all human authority. The authorities gave the beast a name—a name the whole world knows. But it was someone else’s name first—and now the Hulk that was has returned to take it back.