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The Master of Time. On his endless journey to become the ruler of all universes, Kang the Conqueror has secured his spot as the Avengers and Fantastic Four’s most dominating foe. A tyrannical time traveler with trans-temporal tech, this chronologically-misplaced menace threatens to unravel the timestream if not reality itself.


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The Origin

In Kang the Conqueror (2021) #1

Kang the Conqueror has been a pharaoh, a villain, a warlord of the space ways and even a hero. Across all timelines, one fact seemed absolute: Time means nothing to Kang. But the truth is more complex. Kang is caught in an endless cycle of creation and destruction dictated by time and previously unseen by any but Kang himself. A cycle that begins and ends with an old Kang sending his younger self down a dark path!

Kang War One

In Avengers (2016) #1

Mark Waid and artist Mike del Mundo are a creative dream team in this trippy saga starring a new lineup of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Sam Wilson: Captain America, Jane Foster: Thor, Spider-Man, Hercules, Vision, and Wasp face obliteration in a firewall of time. Kang has returned, and he’s after… the baby version of himself?

Acts of Evil

In Moon Knight Annual (2019) #1

While attempting to settle an ancient grudge with an Egyptian god, Kang faces the wrath of Khonshu’s avatar, Moon Knight. Time is acting erratically—Moon Knights across time unite!

Future Doom

In Doctor Doom (2019) #1

When a cosmic act of terrorism is carried out in the name of Doctor Doom, Latveria’s one true overlord seeks retribution. That is, until Kang the Conqueror appears to his distant ancestor presenting a “perfect” timeline. Doom comes close to having everything he wanted, but some futures aren't meant to be.

First Appearance

In Fantastic Four (1961) #19

In his original debut, an alternate timeline Kang was introduced as the Pharaoh Rama-Tut, an anachronistic villain who held the Fantastic Four captive in the past!

First “First” Appearance

In Avengers (1963) #8

Now going by “Kang,” the time-tossed tyrant returned to the Avengers’ present to declare himself “ruler of the 20th century.” He nearly kicked the Avengers’ butts too, but ended up retreating in a blip of his time ship.

“Time, the Rushing River”

In Avengers Annual (1967) #2

A time travel battle for the ages. But which age? Armored in a new suit and with a fresh crop of gadgets, Kang, in this timeline going by the “Scarlet Centurion,” pits Avengers Past against Avengers Present!

For the Love of Ravonna

In Avengers (1963) #23

It all comes down to Cap when the Avengers are abducted and taken to Kang’s future! Steve Rogers had just quit the team, but devised a plot to track down the conqueror. Turns out, Kang was only interested in the Avengers as trophies for the Princess Ravonna.


In Giant-Size Avengers (1974) #3

Trapped in the realm of Limbo, Kang, and the Avengers, must confront the rogue lord of this other dimensional place: the all-knowing Immortus, future version of Kang.

The Once and Future Kang

In Avengers (1963) #267

After realizing that his time jumps have spawned divergent duplicates, Kang rights his “wrongs” by eliminating his parallel selves. But Immortus will not have it. Read through issue #269!

“Citizen Kang”

In Captain America Annual (1971) #11

Continue with THOR ANNUAL (1966) #17, FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL (1963) #25, and AVENGERS ANNUAL (1967) #21. Vision disappears in the unassuming town of Timely, Wisconsin, and the Fantastic Four and the Avengers must save him. But Timely is connected to Kang's city of Chronopolis, and is guarded by the deadliest warriors of every age—the Anachronauts.

Victor Timely

In Avengers Annual (1967) #21

In the final chapter to "Citizen Kang," the "Victor Timely" divergent emerged. Yet another version of Kang, this variant settled down in Wisconsin in the year 1901 and established the sleepy town of "Timely." While tucked away in this pocket of time, Timely (plus "Timely Jr." and "Timely III") knowingly influenced the future of technology by inspiring Phineas Horton, the inventor of the original Human Torch.


In Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective (1993) #1

In this sequel to “Citizen Kang,” Princess Ravonna, AKA Terminatrix, assumes control over Chronopolis after her betrayal. Avengers Thunderstrike, U.S.Agent, and War Machine face some strange threats on the Council of cross time Kangs.

Avengers… Forever!

In Avengers Forever (1998) #1

Kang kicks off a war that pulls in seven time-lost Avengers—plucked from the past, present, and future—to prevent Rick Jones’ death at the hands of Immortus. A quest against the clock by creators Kurt Busiek, Roger Stern, and Carlos Pacheco.

Kang Dynasty II

In Avengers (1998) #41

Read through issue #55 and AVENGERS ANNUAL (2001) #1. For years, Kang had meddled with humanity’s sense of time, disrupting key events in Super Hero history. In “Kang Dynasty,” he enslaves all of Earth. Teaming up with his son Marcus, AKA the Scarlet Centurion, Kang has company on his bid for ultimate conquest.

Iron Lad

In Young Avengers (2005) #1

An adolescent Kang (saved from a life-altering event by his evil adult self), was the glue that first assembled the Young Avengers. Horrified by the deeds of his fully-realized self, Nathaniel "Nate" Richards time travelled to the past to seek out the Avengers. But the adults weren’t home…

Savior of the Multiverse

In Uncanny Avengers (2012) #8

Kang and the Apocalypse Twins enter the AGE OF ULTRON in this event tie-in. Read through issue #12!