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John Walker has played many roles in his lifetime as a soldier and a patriot, coming from a proud lineage of military service. He has been a zealot, a mercenary, and even a super-powered Captain America. Read his comics origin here!


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First Appearance

In Captain America (1968) #323

Meet the “Living Symbol of America” in his debut as the Super-Patriot! At a rally in Central Park, Walker is “attacked” by the Buckies, a commando crew acting for the public good. But Steve Rogers catches on quickly that Walker may be a fraud...

American Zealot

In U.S.Agent (2020) #1

John Walker has been stripped of his official U.S.Agent status and is now operating as an independent contractor protecting the government’s covert interests. And, his latest detail draws him into a conflict between a small town and a corporate giant trying to destroy it all.

Force Works

In 2020 Force Works (2020) #1

Walker reprises his time with Force Works in this IRON MAN 2020 tie-in! Join War Machine and his elite paramilitary squad (U.S.Agent, Mockingbird, and Quake) as a robot revolution threatens all manner of biological life.

Captain America and Battlestar

In Captain America (1968) #333

Alongside friend and Buckies colleague Lemar Hoskins, John Walker is appointed as the all-new Captain America, with Hoskins as his Bucky. And basic training has just begun! Read through issue #378 for Walker and Hoskins’ intertwined history with the Power Broker.


In Captain America (1968) #354

Under a civilian cover identity, Walker steps into a new role with a fresh mindset upon Steve Roger’s return as Cap. Adopting Rogers’ red, white, and black “Captain” costume and its matching Vibranium shield, “Jack Daniels” resumed his government service as the U.S.Agent.

West Coast Avenger

In West Coast Avengers (1985) #44

The Super-Soldier-for-hire joins the Avengers’ West Coast crew in the midst of “Vision Quest,” the story arc that saw Vision decommissioned and turned back online in his white form. While he may have had an off-putting start to his career, Walker changed the minds of his teammates with his Cap-like resolve.

“Road to Redemption”

In U.S.Agent (1993) #1

Clean-cut Johnny Walker: The world’s last hope of defeating the Super-Villain mass-murderer, Scourge. See what the Agent gets up to when he’s not Avenging with the West Coast!

S.T.A.R.S. and Stripes

In U.S.Agent (2001) #1

John Walker returns as the Commission's hand-picked operative in charge of superhuman incarceration! This is the chance he's been waiting for to get out of Captain America's shadow and kick bad guy butt. That is, if a deadly conspiracy, a woman from his past, and his own lousy attitude don't louse it all up!