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Cindy Moon, AKA the super-powered Silk, swings into a new solo series! And her worlds as a crimefighter and an investigative journalist are about to collide... Find new series and entry points with this week’s additions!


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Pick of the Week

In Silk (2021) #1

By day Cindy Moon is an intrepid reporter for the upstart new media empire Threats & Menaces under her old boss, J. Jonah Jameson. By night, she's Silk, crimefighting Super Hero! But those worlds are about to collide, as an investigation into a series of gangland murders puts Silk and everyone she loves in danger...

Major Debut

In Beta Ray Bill (2021) #1

From the pages of Donny Cates' Thor and spinning out of the events of KING IN BLACK! The second-most famous wielder of Mjolnir. The right-hand man to the God of Thunder. And now, a warrior without his best weapon. Beta Ray Bill is tired of playing second fiddle to Thor—and with Bill's famous hammer, Stormbreaker, recently destroyed at the new All-Father's hands, tensions are higher than ever...

King in Black Tie-In

In King In Black: Ghost Rider (2021) #1

All Ghost Rider wants is to destroy Mephisto, round up an army of escaped demons, and secure his seat on the throne of hell. Is that so much to ask? But now a dark god from space has shown up to throw the world into chaos, and some of Johnny’s old friends have come to ask for his help.

King in Black Tie-In

In King in Black: Return of the Valkyries (2021) #4

Brunnhilde. Jane Foster. Dani Moonstar. Hildegarde. And the mysterious stranger who’s worn the title longer than any of them. The Valkyries are united, and at last they have a plan—but so does the King in Black.

Curse of the Man-Thing

In Avengers: Curse Of The Man-Thing (2021) #1

For decades, the Man-Thing has haunted the Florida Everglades. Now a new enemy has hijacked his body on a quest to take his incendiary abilities global! We wake to fear as gargantuan monoliths menace cities worldwide, with only the Avengers standing between the population of Earth and a planetwide inferno.

Reign of X

In X-Men (2019) #19

Escape from the Vault! Synch and Wolverine: Laura Kinney return to the fold in this monumental issue!

King in Black Tie-In

In Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black (2020) #5

Series finale! The god-king of the symbiotes has made his presence known across space and time—will the assembled heroes of Marvel's yesteryear be enough to stave off his suffocating darkness, or will every corner of the Marvel Universe fall to the King in Black?

MU Favorite

In X-Men Legends (2021) #2

The secret of Adam-X—revealed at last! It’s the Summers Brothers and Starjammers vs. Erik the Red and the Shi’ar with the fate of the galaxy at stake, as the full truth behind Adam-X’s lineage is revealed in a story 30 years in the making!