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A sorcerer ruler of the Dark Dimension and a daughter of the Faltine, Clea’s very existence was born of pure magical energy. A longtime ally and partner of Doctor Strange, she is a superhuman spell caster and illusionist. Now, she has succeeded Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme!


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In Strange Tales (1951) #126

The first appearance of Clea…and Dormammu. When Doctor Strange enters the dark domain of the dread Dormammu, Clea admires the human’s courage from afar. Noble from the start, Clea inserts her magical influence over Strange, guiding and protecting him in the realm unknown.

Uncle Dormammu

In Doctor Strange (1968) #171

Way back in STRANGE TALES #150-155, the Ancient One saved Clea’s life from the wrath of her mother, Umar, sister of Dormammu, by placing her in a pocket dimension. Here, Strange receives a vision from a “Faceless One” bearing a grave warning about Clea. She is still alive, but now the unlucky captive of Dormammu! Following her rescue in issue #173, Clea agrees to return to Earth with Strange as a partner and student.

Strange Disciple

In Doctor Strange (1974) #1

Clea’s co-starring series. Although Strange blurred the lines between mentor and lover, Clea grew deeper in love with Earth (and its Sorcerer Supreme) over the course of this run. Issue #47 saw her gain her own book of spells and nearly surpass her teacher. Issues #6-9 also established the dirty laundry of her complicated family—the relationship between Umar, Dormammu, Prince Orini, and Clea.


In Doctor Strange (1974) #5

After Clea is kidnapped by a fallen-to-the-black-arts priest named Silver Dagger, Strange merges his astral form into her corporeal one to bolster her strength. Fighting as one magical being, this chapter deepened their bond that would strengthen over time.


In Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme (1988) #3

More of a spiritual union than a full-on wedding, Strange and Clea exchanged vows (and rings) in this issue. But it makes sense that after enmeshing souls, a formal ceremony probably wasn’t needed.

Umar & Insurrection

In Doctor Strange (1974) #69

Read through issue #74! Clea forms a rebellion against her mother—and the throne—of the Dark Dimension! With Umar’s forces growing ever closer to our world, Strange, Clea and her father, Prince Orini, work closely to ensure the crown passes to a more enlightened ruler. And Clea is the perfect choice to bear the “Flames of Regency”!

A Vow Unbroken

In Doctor Strange Annual (2016) #1

Dropping onto the doorstep of New York City’s Sanctum Sanctorum, Clea comes to her ex-husband with a personal request—to break the mystical union that binds their magical energies for life. Their romance may be over, but the relationship still proves productive when Clea, Strange, and Wong team up against a demon. Afterwards, the former couple decides to keep their rings. For now.

"Damnation" Aftermath

In Doctor Strange (2015) #389

In the aftermath to Mephisto’s takeover of Las Vegas, the real Clea catches up with her ex-husband after a demon wore her face and duped Strange during the event (issue #387). Proving that it’s more important to be direct than “nice” with those you love, Clea encourages Strange to see what’s right in front of him and begin anew.

"Herald Supreme"

In Doctor Strange (2018) #13

Read through issue #17! With Galactus banished and trapped in the mystic realm, Strange, Clea, and even Umar unite forces to make sure he stops gobbling up magical planets. But the main puppet master here is Mephisto, and he’s preying on Dormammu’s desperate bid for power by making sure the lord of the Dark Dimension is Galactus’ new herald! Strange makes a pivotal choice that determines his future with Clea.

Death of Doctor Strange

In Death of Doctor Strange (2021) #2

Read through issue #5 to see Clea step into her new role as the Sorcerer Supreme! After the present reality’s Strange is murdered, Clea falls through a portal to save her world (and Earth-616). The Three Mothers, invading interdimensional entities, stand between balance and oblivion, and no magical war lords can end their bloody reign.

Sorcerer Supreme

In Strange (2022) #1

And she is NOTHING like Strange. Bridging the forces of the Dark Dimension with the endless possibilities of light magic, Clea is a Sorcerer Supreme that teeters on the edge of control and total freedom. Although she’s haunted by her (recently) returned memories, Clea wants to complete one mission: bring Stephen Strange back from the dead.