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Celebrating 60 years of Janet Van Dyne, AKA the founding Avenger Wasp! Learn how this stalwart member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes has been a leader, a mentor, and a friend while cutting her own path as a fashion designer and super hero.

WASP: 101

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First Appearance

In Tales to Astonish (1959) #44

When the Wasp met Ant-Man! Since this is a 60th Anniversary celebration, why not take it back to the beginning with Jan’s first appearance? Learn how Janet Van Dyne went from socialite to super hero in the blink of an eye and with an immense amount of courage. Appearances are deceiving...and Janet is proof of that when she defies Hank Pym’s expectations.

Designing Hero

In Avengers (1963) #167

Park Avenue problems: Janet’s very first fashion show is interrupted by the poorly dressed Porcupine! But without missing a beat, Janet takes on his entire crew sans super hero uniform in a dress and heels. This issue demonstrates the amazing close range of Wasp’s power…and the versatility of those stings!

Avengers Chairwoman

In Avengers (1963) #221

After becoming the Avengers Chairwoman in issue #217, Janet rose to leadership with emotional intelligence, compassion, and good old-fashioned networking. (Who else has casual connections in the White House?) Here, Chairwoman Wasp tries to recruit more women for Earth’s Mightiest! Spider-Woman, Dazzler, Black Widow, the Invisible Woman, and She-Hulk are all contenders.

Public Avenger

In Avengers (1963) #224

You know Wasp as a founding Avenger, but do you know her as a tabloid darling? Enter Tony Stark, a very rich, very handsome, and very sophisticated man who may be on par with Jan Van Dyne. But what Janet doesn’t know is that her new fling is her Avengers colleague Iron Man! And that can only spell one thing: drama.

A Hero’s Sacrifice

In Secret Invasion (2008) #8

The issue that epitomizes Jan the hero. After being implanted with a biological weapon from the Skrulls, Janet started to grow uncontrollably in the final SECRET INVASION battle. Even when she knew death was inevitable, Wasp did her best to avoid human fatalities while taking out as many Skrulls as possible.

Trapped in the Microverse

In Avengers (2010) #32

It was revealed in this issue that Janet had not been killed by Thor out of mercy during SECRET INVASION but had shrunk herself down and was now a full-time resident of the Microverse. And the Avengers were her ticket home!

Wasp: Mentor

In Wasp (2023) #1

Taking us into her sixth decade! Here’s the run to start with. It offers a recap about how Jan became the Wasp in the fallout of her dad’s murder. In the present, Jan is getting ready to open an exclusive super hero lounge, then pays a visit to stepdaughter Nadia (more backstory on that too). Unfortunately, they’re both attacked by Whirlwind, a villain who has a long history with Jan, none of it good.