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Emma Frost’s name is known across the Marvel Universe, for reasons good and bad. See how this dynamic telepath and fashion queen catapulted the mutant nation Krakoa to success and turned the Hellfire Gala into one of the most hotly anticipated events in Marvel’s super hero calendar.


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Uncanny First Appearance

In Uncanny X-Men (1963) #129

Also a key chapter to the “Phoenix Saga”! Readers are introduced to the Hellfire Club, an exploitative cult of the 1% whose influence stretches back to the 18th century. And Emma Frost, White Queen of their Inner Circle. Emma dominates the Hellfire Club—and the X-Men—in her first appearance. Far from a participant, she writes the rulebook for the Hellfire Club, determining its next steps and countermeasures.

Becoming an X-Man

In New X-Men (2001) #116

Following the destruction of mutant paradise Genosha—and her entire class of mutant students—Frost allied with the X-Men after (seemingly) taking out Cassandra Nova, the evil twin sister of Professor Xavier. Notably, this was the first time that Emma appeared in her diamond form, a secondary mutation that appeared to be a psychological response to trauma.

Building the House of X

In House of X (2019) #5

Safe to say that Emma Frost is responsible for the mutants’ sovereignty on Krakoa? It’s true. In a landmark ruling by the United Nations, Emma “nudged” a few ambassadors—plus the Security Council—to abstain a vote that would downvote the creation of the mutant nation. In her own words: “I’ve found most humans to be impressionable.” This power move also secured her a spot on the Quiet Council, Krakoa’s governing body.

The Hellfire Trading Company

In Marauders (2019) #1

Essential reading pre-Hellfire Gala. Following the landmark HOUSE OF X/POWERS OF X, MARAUDERS follows a band of pirate X-Men whose mission is to provide safe passage to the homeland of Krakoa. The Quiet Council’s Emma and Sebastian Shaw have set up a black-market port in Hellfire Bay. Under their newly formed Hellfire Trading Company, Frost and Shaw handle legal and not-so legal commerce with humanity.

Inaugural Hellfire Gala

In Marauders (2019) #21

Every queen must have her ball, and the Hellfire Gala is Emma’s spotlight! At the first event to unite the worlds of human and mutant, the Mistress of Ceremonies wore three designs by artist Russell Dauterman. But more importantly Emma put on a show. And, in one of her greatest flexes to date, she revealed not only a new X-Men lineup, but the extraordinary feat of Krakoa claiming—and terraforming—the planet Mars.

Quiet Council Drama

In Immortal X-Men (2022) #1

Sinister secrets are revealed, some more sinister than others... Within the scheming, backstabbing, and far-too-personal politics of the Quiet Council, power is gained as quickly as it is lost. Read this series for a front row seat to the drama that’s the inner workings of Krakoa. When Magneto steps down from his seat, a bid for his replacement leads to heightened tension within the Council.