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Once the host of the Phoenix Force, Maya Lopez is a Deaf Cheyenne-Latin American warrior with photographic reflex abilities. Now, explore how she grew from a former Kingpin pawn to a champion of her family and communities.


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The First Ronin

In New Avengers (2004) #11

Read through issue #13 for the "unmasked" reveal. Done with being Kingpin’s pawn, Lopez showed off a new look as Ronin, basically a crime-fighting identity that relies on anonymity and stealth. In the comics timeline, Maya was the first to don the Ronin uniform. It’s a major notch in the belt since other heroes have since used the Ronin name and suit to wage their private battles. Including Hawkeye: Clint Barton!

Versus Klaw

In Daredevil Annual (2016) #1

Echo makes her grand return to Daredevil’s corner of Hell's Kitchen following a sonic attack at a concert. In this annual special, an entire audience has been turned into "sound zombies" and it’s all thanks to Klaw. Echo is, of course, unaffected. Teaming up with Daredevil to track the song’s source, we’re reminded that Echo’s deafness is far from a weakness—here it’s her greatest asset.

Off-World Adventure

In Marvel's Voices: Indigenous Voices (2020) #1

Ohkay Owingeh writer Rebecca Roanhorse and Tongva artist Weshoyot Alvitre team up for an off-world Echo story guest-starring Loki. (Surprise!) After being pestered and hit up by just about everyone from her past, Echo accepts a mission from "Captain Marvel" to help a female Badoon settlement that has one big, bad bully.

Host of the Phoenix Force

In Phoenix Song: Echo (2021) #1

At the end of the "Enter the Phoenix" arc, Maya was chosen to be the singular host of the Phoenix Force in AVENGERS (2018) #44. This series deals with the aftermath of coming into all that power. Where better to reconcile with your inner demons than home? Phoenix: Echo heads back to the Reservation where she confronts the Adversary, an ancestral terror that’s threatening to wipe out her lineage. Past and current.

Return to The Rez

In Marvel's Voices Infinity Comic (2022) #64

Read through issue #69! Maya returns to The Rez where she must help her friend River get out of a catatonic state brought on by Ruth, a woman he promised to help. Unfortunately, Ruth wants to exploit River’s powers to see and traverse the past.