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Delighting in cruelty and chaos, Cassandra Nova became one of the X-Men's deadliest villains in her first outing. Since then, this psychic parasite—who built herself a body using Charles Xavier's genes—has devastated the Shi'ar Empire, created microscopic Sentinels, and pushed Earth to the brink of all-out war. Discover more about this immensely powerful, dangerous villain here!

Charles Xavier's Worst Nightmare Made Flesh

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In New X-Men (2001) #114

After growing a body over the course of decades, Cassandra Nova debuts with immense telepathic power and a major grudge against Charles Xavier, her genetic twin.

The Genosha Massacre

In New X-Men (2001) #115

In her very first attack on the Marvel Universe, Cassandra Nova unleashes Wild Sentinels on Genosha, killing 16 million mutants and traumatizing such characters as Emma Frost.


In New X-Men (2001) #121

Cassandra Nova's origin revealed! Learn how this Mummudrai—a psychic parasite from Shi'ar mythology that acts as a person's dark reflection—came to be.


In Astonishing X-Men (2004) #12

Following her defeat, Cassandra Nova lashes out by manipulating Emma Frost into attacking the X-Men with a new psychic manifestation of the Hellfire Club.

Vs. Jean Grey and the X-Men

In X-Men: Red (2018) #1

After escaping her mental prison, Cassandra Nova targets Jean Grey and her band of X-Men by creating Sentinites, a new wave of Nano-Sentinels that caused anyone infected to lash out violently at mutants.

Member of Kate Pryde's Marauders

In Marauders (2022) #1

Cassandra Nova accepts Krakoa's offer of amnesty, only to join Kate Pryde and Emma Frost's band of Marauders—but even she might not be ready for what they have planned.