Hydra holds the title as Marvel's most mysterious and diabolical agency. As the antagonist to peacekeeping S.H.I.E.L.D., Hydra represents the cutting edge of weaponry and terrorism. Named for the mythological creature with regenerating heads, Hydra is equally difficult to kill. Cut off a limb and two more shall take its place. Hail Hydra.


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First Appearance

In S.H.I.E.L.D. Origins (Trade Paperback)

Nick Fury vs. the hordes of Hydra! Hydra's first appearance in Strange Tales #135 is collected in this one-shot chronicling the history of S.H.I.E.L.D. Find out why Hydra is truly an unbeatable foe.

To Kill a Hydra

In Strange Tales (1951) #155

Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos set their sights on eliminating Hydra. But how can you stop an enemy that heals as quickly as it's destroyed? Hydra unleashes a hallucinogenic weapon, leaving Fury in a bad trip!

Madame Hydra

In Captain America (1968) #113

Who is Madame Hydra? The origin of Hydra Supreme, ultimate leader, revealed. Find out how, and why, an ambitious agent climbed her way through the ranks of Hydra's upper echelon.

Operation: World Domination

In Captain America (1968) #273

Captain America and the Howling Commandos reunited at last! But shortly into their reunion, one of their own is kidnapped by the hands of Hydra! Captain America takes on Baron Von Strucker, Hydra Supreme, in a battle of morality and brawn.

Baron Von Strucker

In Uncanny X-Men (1981) #161

Gabrielle Haller, Professor X's former love and mother to his child, is kidnapped by Baron Von Strucker. Why does Hydra wish to acquire Gabrielle? Professor X and Magneto stage a rescue mission, but when it comes to infiltrating Hydra, the results are always unexpected!

Sensational Hydra

In Captain America (1998) #3

Introducing the Sensational Hydra! Hydra gets an overhaul in leadership when young upstart Gordon Winchester starts calling the shots. But will the many heads of Hydra buckle under new command?

Gorgon: Hydra Supreme

In Wolverine (2003) #30

Wolverine vs. Gorgon, Hydra Supreme! See Wolverine do what he does best against the katana-wielding head of Hydra. Guest-starring Elektra!

Spider-Woman: Agent of Hydra

In Spider-Woman: Origin (2005) #2

Discover Spider-Woman's past ties, and initiation, into Hydra. When it comes to training a super- assassin, what methods does Hydra employ? Surprises abound as Hydra's best kept secrets come into the light.

The Inner Circle

In Secret Warriors (2009) #2

Meet Hyrda's inner circle, an elite and powerful group intent on world domination. Hydra's confidentiality clause is lifted as you get an inside peek at their inner workings. Just how connected is Hydra? What ripples have they cast across the Marvel U?

Spider-Man vs. Hydra

In Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #523

It's up to Spider-Man to stop Hydra's latest terrorist plot, but he finds the task difficult when they unleash their A-game: a team of genetically modified Hydra agents modeled after the Avengers! Find out if Spider-Man can defeat Earth's Mightiest Heroes, or their doppelgangers, solo!

History of Hydra

In Secret Warriors (2009) #26

The dual history of Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. is revealed as Nick Fury and Baron Von Strucker have it out during a hostage situation. The only problem? Fury and Strucker are the hostages! The insidious nature of Hydra is on full display when Strucker is betrayed by a new Hydra Supreme.

Hydra & the Third Reich

In Captain America: Hail Hydra (2010) #1

Hydra, super-powered agency to the Third Reich! Captain America's first encounters with Hydra are reimagined in this riveting miniseries. In 1930's Germany, an expanding Hydra aligns itself with Hitler. What dark and twisted plans are in store for Europe?