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Love—it isn’t always easy, but it makes for great reading. Join us in celebrating all things romantic with our favorite sweethearts and spouses! And be warned: when it comes to comic book romance, “it’s complicated” is only half the story!

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Kamala Khan & Bruno Carrelli

In Ms. Marvel (2014) #19

A longtime friend and longtime almost-romantic partner, Bruno has found himself at Ms. Marvel's side for the last several years, whether she's a crimefighter or just trying to get through high school. Facing universal incursion before Secret Wars, (try the Reading List!), the teen lovebirds finally get transparent about their feelings... setting up a future that they explore in the pages of Magnificent Ms. Marvel.

Reed Richards & Sue Storm

In Fantastic Four Annual (1963) #3

Marvel’s First Couple and the most enduring marriage on our list. As Mister Fantastic and Invisible Girl of the Fantastic Four, Reed and Sue have created more than a team together…they’ve also made a family! Their journey as husband and wife begins here.

Cyclops & Jean Grey

In X-Men (1991) #30

Love at first sight. These founding X-Men began their relationship while teenagers. But tragedy would strike – Jean became consumed by the Phoenix Force, and Cyclops would remain haunted by his wife’s death. But to dwell on happier times, here’s their famed wedding issue!

Peter Parker & Mary Jane Watson

In Sensational Spider-Man Annual (2007) #1

Shy Peter Parker never imagined he would land Mary Jane Watson, the vivacious actress/model. But despite their differences on paper, MJ has been a supportive partner, protecting Peter’s identity while inspiring Spider-Man’s heroism. MJ couldn’t have said it better: “Face it Tiger, you just hit the jackpot!”

Black Panther & Storm

In Black Panther (2005) #18

The wedding issue of the decade. The teenage love that grew between a weather goddess and a god-empowered king culminates in a power marriage that united the super-powered and mutant. That is, until "Avengers Vs. X-Men" hit in 2012.

Daredevil & Elektra

In Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (1993) #2

Matt Murdock meets the mysterious and stunning Elektra while a student at Columbia...and soon discovers they share a love of danger. Writer Frank Miller and artist John Romita bring you the Man Without Fear, the mini-series that explores Daredevil’s origin. Elektra has died. Elektra has lived again. And throughout it all, Matt Murdock has been helpless in her thrall.

Gambit & Rogue

In X-Men (1991) #24

No one does ‘on and off’ quite like these two. Gambit and Rogue began a workplace romance while X-Men. But the cagey Cajun’s lack of disclosure became a problem, while Rogue’s inability to touch led to unconsummated tension. But we love these two together; it makes sense. And on their first date, the Southerners escape the mansion for a night of gumbo and meaningful conversation.

Scarlet Witch & Vision

In Vision and the Scarlet Witch (1982) #1

The Odd Couple…and we mean it. No one saw it coming when Scarlet Witch sparked a romance with Vision, an automaton created by Ultron. Who knew that a mutant woman and a synthetic man would fall madly in love? And have two limited series together!?

Captain America & Sharon Carter

In Captain America (1998) #31

Cap is a man out of time, but his love affair with Sharon Carter anchors him to the present. Here, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Carter and Captain America perform a rescue mission in the Savage Land…and share a “what are we?” conversation.

Bruce Banner & Betty Ross

In Incredible Hulk (1962) #360

The tortured lovers. Bruce Banner’s transformation into the Hulk has had devastating effects on his love life. But longtime lady Betty Ross sees the man behind the monster, defending Bruce when the rest of the world turned against him. And Hulk has proven a defender too; here he battles for his wife’s soul.

Thor & Jane Foster

In Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #12

The couple that takes “long distance” to a new level. Thor is the Norse God of Thunder. Jane Foster’s a mortal doctor dwelling on Midgard. But it was Jane’s humanity which appealed to the mighty Thunderer, reminding us that love even conquers the gods.

Tony Stark & Pepper Potts

In Invincible Iron Man (2008) #9

Even Tony Stark would admit it – it isn’t easy being in a relationship with a billionaire playboy. Somehow Virginia “Pepper” Potts grounds Stark, and has become his trusted ally in business and in love. Facing disaster, Tony promotes Pepper from his assistant to C.E.O. of Stark Enterprises.

Black Bolt & Medusa

In War of Kings (2009) #5

Former Power Couple. As King and Queen of the Inhumans, Black Bolt and Medusa shared a marriage based on trust and mutual respect. And trust is essential. Black Bolt’s voice packs the punch of an atomic bomb, meaning Medusa is not only his voice, but his closest confidante.

Luke Cage & Jessica Jones

In New Avengers Annual (2006) #1

Since teaming up on the pages of Alias, Luke and Jessica shared an undeniable spark. The super powered duo’s already done “baby” – here comes marriage! You’re cordially invited to the super-sized wedding of Luke and Jess.

Absorbing Man & Titania

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #283

Because dysfunction is just a part of love. Carl “The Crusher” Creel and Mary MacPherran share more than a villainous streak. These super-villains are partners in crime…and husband and wife! Their toxic romance takes center stage in a battle against Spider-Man.

Wiccan & Hulkling

In Avengers: The Children's Crusade (2010) #9

Young love between Young Avengers! Billy Kaplan and Teddy Altman finally act on the chemistry they’ve developed. Check out their first kiss, a quiet moment amidst the chaos of Children’s Crusade.

Deadpool & Shiklah

In Deadpool (2012) #27

How about UNDEAD-ed bliss? After a spine-tingling courtship, Wade Wilson marries Shiklah, demon Queen of Monster Metropolis! Check out their enormously over-sized wedding issue!