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Beguiling, deadly, and you’ll never see her coming. Shrouded in mystery, Elektra has entranced readers (and Matt Murdock), since her introduction on the pages of Daredevil. But who is Elektra Natchios? Is she a cold-blooded assassin or a woman lost in her mission of vengeance? Decide for yourself with our must-read picks!

Elektra: Ninja Assassin

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First Appearance

In Daredevil (1964) #168

Writer Frank Miller introduces Marvel’s deadliest assassin. In a former lifetime she was a woman of privilege, a disciplined student of martial arts. But after her father’s death, Elektra focused solely on violence, masking her grief with rage. Her definitive origin here!

Meeting Matt

In Daredevil: The Man Without Fear (1993) #3

While students at Columbia, a Greek heiress and a blind law student fall hard for each other- and embrace the danger of young, reckless love.

Death by Bullseye

In Daredevil (1964) #181

One of Frank Miller’s most famed Daredevil issues. Elektra and Bullseye engage in a ferocious battle…and only one combatant walks away.

Elektra Lives Again

In Daredevil (1964) #190

The Hand, an occult clan of ninjas, resurrects Elektra for their own nefarious means. Once she was a disciple of their shadowy order- is she now The Hand’s greatest weapon? Elektra’s abilities take a supernatural turn.

A Mercenary’s Return

In Daredevil (1964) #325

Elektra lunges back onto the pages of Daredevil. The mercenary wields her sais against the Snakeroot, a demonic cabal of ninjas. Which side of Elektra’s soul will triumph? And can Daredevil re-acquaint Elektra with her humanity?

History with Wolverine

In Wolverine (1988) #104

After becoming feral, Wolverine was aided by Elektra in regaining his sanity. Check out the assassin in action alongside Marvel’s mightiest mutant, as the duo takes on Onslaught.

The Scorpio Key

In Elektra (2001) #1

Writer Brian Michael Bendis gives Elektra new life in this long-running series. Elektra’s been hired to retrieve the Scorpio Key, a mysterious talisman located in Iraq. But in her mission of intrigue, will Elektra commit to the Samurai code? A sexy, fast-paced read.

Team Player?

In Thunderbolts (2012) #1

Elektra joins the Kill Crew of Marvel’s deadliest mercenaries under orders from General “Thunderbolt” Ross. Featuring Venom, Deadpool, the Leader and Punisher!

Daredevil Team-Up

In Daredevil (2011) #35

The former lovers reunite to take down the Sons of the Serpent, a terrorist faction infecting New York.


In Elektra (2014) #1

Elektra is reborn in this stunning series by Haden Blackman with art by Mike Del Mundo. The merc-for-hire has a fresh contract and renewed focus, but will her prior deaths keep Elektra rooted in the past?