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Featuring adolescent Spidey! At age fifteen, Peter Parker of Queens became New York City’s web-slinging defender. Inheriting a spider’s strength (and responsibility beyond his years), Spider-Man grew into his heroism before readers’ eyes. Read our favorite teenaged turns here!


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School's Out

In Spidey: School's Out (2018) #1

Peter Parker just survived his first year as the Amazing Spider-Man AND a year of high school! What is he going to do next? He’s going to Stark science camp! A week indoors with the coolest technology in the world is a dream come true for Peter--and a bonanza for one Spider-foe who’s seriously upgraded his arsenal.


In Spidey (2015) #1

Think you know everything about Peter Parker’s early days? Think again. It’s action, adventure and a rip-roaring romp in the classic Marvel style!

First Appearance

In Amazing Fantasy (1962) #15

Midtown High’s ‘professional wallflower’ becomes the Amazing Spider-Man in his first ever appearance!

High School Graduation

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #28

After years of skipped homework and playing hooky, Peter graduates Midtown High. But first, the always multi-tasking Spider battles Molten Man!

Meeting Mary Jane

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #43

After much goading from Aunt May, Peter agrees to meet fun-loving Mary Jane Watson, the quintessential girl next door. What happens next is a love story 50 years in the making!

Spider-Man No More?

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #50

Peter puts his wall-crawling on hold to focus on collegiate studies…and to figure out girls! But with the Ol’ Parker Luck on his heels, will Spidey be able to juggle all the challenges civilian life offers?

Gwen Stacy

In Spider-Man: Blue (2002) #1

A retrospective mini-series following Peter’s earliest days at Midtown High. Writer Jeph Loeb and artist Tim Sale take you inside Spidey’s disastrous first love with Gwen Stacy, one tragedy of many in Peter’s rapid ascent as Spider-Man.

Growing Pains

In Spider-Man: With Great Power... (2008) #1

Those awkward teen years never looked so good in this throwback series by David Lapham and Tony Harris. See what Peter does when the bite of a radioactive spider gives him the strength to take the things he wants. Will he achieve fame? Money? Fast cars? Girls? Discover a new side to Spidey with this unseen glimpse of his early career!

Ultimate Spidey

In Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1

Writer Brian Michael Bendis brings you an Ultimate Spider-Man with plenty of pubescent angst! ‘Brainiac’ Peter Parker must navigate his super human abilities - and deal with first crushes, locker room bullies, and always being short on cash.

College Graduation

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #185

Peter reaches the cusp of adulthood with his graduation from Empire State University. But will Spidey walk away diploma in hand? A classic ‘this could only happen to Peter’ issue.