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He rules over New York City’s underground with uncanny savvy and an iron fist. Wilson Fisk is The Kingpin—a dynamo crime boss as feared as he is respected.


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"King's Ransom"

In The Amazing Spider-Man (2018) #61

A new suit isn't the only thing debuting in Spider-Man's life! Mayor Kingpin's grand plans with New York's crime lords result in all-out war for Peter Parker and his roommate Boomerang. And this time it's personal. Read through issue #65 and GIANT-SIZE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN: KING'S RANSOM #1!

The Fall of Daredevil

In Daredevil (2019) #1

In his first year in office, Fisk makes it his mayoral task to turn the law against Daredevil by seeing him brought in on homicide charges. But the Man Without Fear won't go down easily...

Home Front

In The Punisher (2018) #13

The Punisher is back in New York, but being labeled an international terrorist has made it an inhospitable homecoming. One man who is certainly not happy Frank Castle's back: NYC’s mayor, Wilson Fisk, the “former” Kingpin of Crime.

First Appearance

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #50

The Kingpin of Crime made his indomitable presence known in the pages of Spider-Man. When crime rates spike in the city, an out of commission Peter Parker must slip back into Spider-Man’s threads!

Ascending the Throne

In Kingpin (2003) #1

A young Wilson Fisk proves that friends are as inconstant as enemies in his formation as a crime lord. ‘Willie’s’ no-holds-barred, scramble to the top origin starts here.

Menacing Daredevil

In Daredevil (1964) #170

The Lord of the Underworld splashes onto the pages of Daredevil! Check out Kingpin’s first stab against his greatest antagonist and moral oppressor – The Man Without Fear.

Born Again

In Daredevil (1964) #227

The Kingpin destroys Matt Murdock overnight by calling in favors. With the law against him, Daredevil, at his scrappiest, must combat the evil that has uprooted him completely.

Family Dynasty

In Daredevil (1998) #30

Kingpin’s son Richard, also known as The Rose, plots the death of his abusive father. Vanessa, Kingpin’s wife, makes a desperate bid to keep Richard from spilling his own blood. Kingpin’s dysfunctions are laid bare.

War Crimes

In Civil War: War Crimes (2006) #1

A glimpse at Kingpin’s childhood lays the groundwork for his woes during Civil War. An incarcerated Fisk makes an offer Tony Stark can’t refuse – a lighter sentence, for access to Captain America and his band of Anti-Registration heroes.

Return of the King

In Daredevil (1998) #116

After losing his wife, the Kingpin left America to build a new life under alias. But when a man has as many enemies as Wilson Fisk, old wounds become present nightmares. Kingpin returns to New York.


In Shadowland (2010) #2

A demonically-possessed Daredevil builds a fortress in Hell’s Kitchen at the behest of The Hand. Kingpin (temporarily) aligns himself with Marvel’s street-level heroes, but his siege of Shadowland quickly turns ominous.

The Reign Ends

In Superior Spider-Man (2013) #14

A suped-up Spidey, (really Doc Ock in Peter Parker’s body), decimates Shadowland in one fell swoop. The Kingpin loses his empire, fists swinging.

Civil War II

In Civil War II: Kingpin (2016) #1

An Inhuman with the ability to predict the future has helped the heroes of the Marvel Universe clamp down on crime before it can even happen. But Kingpin has managed to stay one step ahead of the good guys and his crime enterprise is BOOMING. What’s his secret?

Running with the Devil

In Kingpin (2017) #1

When Fisk makes disgraced journalist Sarah Dewey an offer she can’t refuse, his spiraling saga of crime and betrayal begins anew. Manhattan’s mastermind returns to the Big Apple with honorable intentions, but no one in his circle remains pure on his climb back to the top.

Mayor Fisk

In Daredevil (2015) #595

Read the entire Mayor Fisk arc through #600! An unimaginable outcome in New York City’s mayoral election leads Daredevil on his most desperate scramble yet! Matt Murdock has the law and he has his superhuman abilities – but Fisk has an entire city.