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Check out the mystics who wield their magic alongside Doctor Strange! And while there can be only one Sorcerer Supreme, these witches and warlocks cast their own spellbinding turns!

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Scarlet Witch

In Scarlet Witch (2015) #1

While an Avenger, Wanda Maximoff honed her ability to change the construct of reality. Now, Wanda travels the globe, restoring witchcraft while exploring her untapped potential.

Daimon Hellstrom

In Defenders (1972) #32

The son of Satan, Daimon Hellstrom’s ties to the occult are a given. A practitioner of Darksoul magic, he often serves as a mystical ally. Check out Hellstrom’s first brush with the Defenders!

The Ancient One

In Strange Tales (1951) #148

When physician Stephen Strange sought healing through the mystic arts, he never expected to fall under the tutelage of the Ancient One. A master of the metaphysical, the Ancient One alone is privy to the multiverse’s secrets.


In Strange Tales (1951) #127

Clea’s compassion defies her parentage. The daughter of dark sorceress Umar and the niece of Dormammu, Clea rejected the Dark Dimension and became Doctor Strange’s disciple and lover. She is an expert conjurer and illusionist.

Doctor Voodoo

In New Avengers (2010) #6

A sorcerer equal in might to Doctor Strange, Jericho Drumm was raised in the Vodou culture of his native Haiti. Oftentimes he is a medium – he once succeeded Doctor Strange as Sorcerer Supreme.

Baron Mordo

In Strange Tales (1951) #160

He was once a prized student of the Ancient One – until Karl Mordo became corrupted in his bid for Sorcerer Supreme. Check out Strange’s hypnotizing foe in action!

Sister Grimm

In Mystic Arcana (2007) #4

When Nico Minoru discovered her parents were dark magicians, she decided to create her own legacy as Sister Grimm. Nico’s magic relies on her creativity – with her Staff of One, she can never cast the same spell twice.


In Chaos War: Alpha Flight (2010) #1

Dr. Michael Twoyoungmen is an original member of Alpha Flight, Canada’s superhuman team. He has the ability to commune with spirits, and carries a medicine pouch which houses a pocket dimension.


In Magik (1983) #1

Ilyana Rasputin acquired her magic through tragedy. As a child she was summoned by the demon Belasco, raised in his dimension of Limbo. As an X-Man, she is the team’s dimensional transport. Her relic is the Soulsword, powered by her life force.


In New X-Men (2004) #39

Like fellow X-Woman Magik, Pixie too possesses a ‘soul dagger’ from Limbo. Although young, she can already cast powerful teleportation spells. Her mystical rebirth is in this issue.

Agatha Harkness

In Fantastic Four (1961) #94

Legend has it that Agatha Harkness was present at the Salem Witch Trials. A mage of the highest caliber, she has been a mentor to Scarlet Witch – although her first role was as governess to Franklin Richards!


In Doctor Strange (1974) #75

Wong descends from an ancient line of monks from Kamar-Taj, homeland of the Ancient One and Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme. A perfectionist of the Mystic Arts, Wong was sent to New York City by the Ancient One to act as a guide to Doctor Strange.


In Avengers: The Children's Crusade (2010) #1

The spiritual incarnation of Scarlet Witch’s son, Billy Kaplan inherited some of his mother’s power. As a Young Avenger he practices Chaos Magic – in this plane and the astral realm.

Jennifer Kale, Topaz & Satana

In Witches (2004) #1

Doctor Strange recruits these three young witches to find the mysterious Tome of Zhered-Na - which threatens to destroy the entire world!