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Need a festive pick-me-up? Get in the Holiday spirit with these specially themed picks!

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X-Men's Merry X-Mas

In Merry X-Men Holiday Special (2018) #1

Twenty-five holiday tales of merry mutants, one for each day of December 1 through December 25! What does Magneto do for Hanukkah? What’s Rogue and Gambit’s first married Christmas like? Is Jubilee truly the master of navigating malls during the holidays? These questions and more are answered as all your favorite X-Men and more creators than you can shake a jingle bell at come together for a holiday celebration!

Sweet Krampus!

In Power Man and Iron Fist: Sweet Christmas Annual (2016) #1

You better not pout or cry – cause you’re getting a double-sized serving of Power Man and Iron Fist! Luke and Danny take toddler Danielle to the mall for some holiday shopping…but “shopping” turns into a demon infestation! Spider-Woman and Daimon Hellstrom guest-star!

Pantsgiving Day Parade

In Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix-Up (2016) #1

Behold five “festive” tales in Gwenpool’s anthology special! The Punisher celebrates Pantsgiving…with hot pants! Spidey, Miles Morales cozies up to Galactus! And Deadpool gives out rusty nails to children! All in the name of…Deadpooloween?

Christmas Spirit…of Vengeance

In Ghost Rider X-Mas Special Infinite Comic (2016) #1

Written by Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan! Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes’ little brother Gabe is getting teased in school for having too much Christmas spirit! The kids of East L.A. are less than excited about Santa Claus’ impending visit, making them the perfect victims for the evil KRAMPUS!

The Ghost of Christmas

In Deadpool Killustrated (2013) #3

Bah, humbug! Deadpool is terrorizing the Ideaverse full of literature’s most famous characters, including the one and only Ebenezer Scrooge of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol!

Christmas in Milwaukee

In Glx-Mas (2006) #1

Jump into the Yuletide adventures of your favorite oddball team…the Great Lakes Avengers! Jam-packed with seven Christmas-card worthy stories!

'Twas A Night Before X-Man

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #420

X-Man is comin’ to town! Spider-Man finds an unexpected kinship with X-Man while window shopping for Mary Jane. Later, Nate Grey gives Peter Parker the greatest (telepathic) gift of all!

Merry, Merry Mutants

In X-Men (2004) #165

The X-Men let loose for Christmas! While Emma gets into a snow fight outside, Gambit is given the precious gift of sight. And don’t miss an annual visit from Santa Claus, played by none other than Beast!

Holiday Spectacular

In Marvel Holiday Special (2005) #1

Doctor Strange hosts a holiday party at the Sanctum Sanctorum! Enter…SANTRON! Plus, two featurettes starring the Fantastic Four!

Better to Give…

In Wolverine (2003) #49

It's Christmas Eve, and a heavily armed cult clad in elf outfits has taken hostage of a Manhattan department store. Among the shoppers: Logan, who's just itching for a fight!

Heroes of Chanukah

In Marvel Holiday Comic (2011) #1

What’s better than one holiday story? Four, rolled into one comic! While Spider-Man, Wolverine and Nick Fury celebrate Christmas, catch Ben Grimm and Kitty Pryde bringing Chanukah happiness to a group of kids!

Gwenpool’s First Christmas

In Gwenpool Special (2015) #1

She-Hulk invites the entire Marvel Universe to her building’s holiday party! Deadpool cracks down on a pickpocket with both Hawkeyes! Gwenpool spends her first holiday as a hero! And a partridge in a pear tree…!

Secret Santa Spider-Man

In Spider-Man/Deadpool (2016) #12

It’s the holidays and Spider-Man and Deadpool are alone… which means they’re the only ones who can SAVE CHRISTMAS! That’s right, the holiday is under attack… from a god who considers himself the first ever "Santa"!

Christmas in Hell's Kitchen

In Daredevil (1964) #253

On Christmas Eve, Daredevil teaches a scrappy street kid a valuable lesson in giving. Meanwhile, a grinch-like Kingpin lays the groundwork for his next move against Murdock!

The Christmas Monster

In Fantastic Four (1998) #564

The Fantastic Four travel all the way to Scotland to spend the holiday with Reed’s cousins, who live in a quaint but peculiar town. Franklin and Valeria worry that Santa won’t be able to find them all the way in Scotland, but maybe it’s the townspeople they should be worried about!

Silent Night

In Punisher: Silent Night (2005) #1

Ready for a little holiday cheer? No? Neither is Frank Castle. He's more interested in tracking down a mob rat in the witness protection program and punishing him. But to do that, he's going to have to face his greatest foe. Hint: he's fat, dresses in red, and sports a white beard.

I'll Be Home for Christmas?

In The Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #314

When Peter and Mary Jane Parker's neighbor kidnapped MJ, they had him arrested. But now, he's wreaked his vengeance... by evicting them from their home! Could there be a Christmas miracle in store for everybody's favorite wall-crawler?