Brian Michael Bendis spun a modern take on Peter Parker with the launch of Ultimate Spider-Man in the year 2000. Over the course of 150+ issues, Bendis and artists Mark Bagley and Stuart Immonen created impactful stories full of incredible moments, weaving in and out of tales that regular Spidey readers were familiar with and others still they could never imagine!

Ultimate Web-Head

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Along Came a Spider

In Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #1

In this retelling of Spider-Man’s amazing origin, social outcast Peter Parker is bitten by a genetically modified spider while visiting the laboratories of Oscorp Industries. With that chance incident, Parker sets out on the path to becoming the Amazing Spider-Man!

Great Responsibility

In Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #5

When a criminal that Spider-Man could have stopped takes the life of his Uncle Ben, Spidey learns a hard lesson about power and responsibility.


In Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #13

For better and for worse, many more people became aware of Spider-Man’s secret identity in the Ultimate Universe. In this noteworthy issue, Peter willingly reveals his alter ego to his girlfriend Mary Jane in an effort to explain his unusual behavior.

Symbiote Arc

In Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #35

Spider-Man takes his brand-new black costume out on a crime-fighting test drive! But in addition to powering Spidey up, the suit also amplifies his rage, causing him to nearly kill a murderer he chases down!

Just a Phase

In Ultimate Spider-Man Annual (2005) #1

After breaking up with Mary Jane, Spidey was concerned about putting any of his future girlfriends at risk due to his dual identity. However, when Shadowcat asks him out, he agrees. The two hit it off immediately, and since the super-powered mutant can protect herself, the two are an instant item!

Freaky Friday

In Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #66

A bizarre occurrence brings Spider-Man and Wolverine together for the weirdest team-up in super-hero history! As the two struggle to unravel a mystery, their lives literally unravel when their bodies are swapped!

Clone Saga

In Ultimate Spider-Man (2000) #98

The Fantastic Four confirm Spider-Man’s fear that the Scorpion is actually his clone. Later that day, he encounters a girl whose spider-powers are a perfect match for his own!

Death of Spider-Man

In Ultimate Comics Spider-Man (2009) #160

In an incredible battle with the Green Goblin, Spider-Man struggles to defeat his greatest enemy while also protecting his family and friends. The two go blow for blow, and Spider-Man saves the lives of everyone present. However, both he and Osborn appear to succumb to their injuries after the fight.

Spider-Man No More?

In Ultimate Fallout (2011) #1

At the hero’s funeral, all of the people whose lives Spidey touched reflect upon the impact he made as both Spider-Man and Peter Parker. A distraught Aunt May’s spirits lift when a little girl tells her how Spider-Man saved her life.