Mister Negative is a Spider-Man foe divided. As Martin Li, he is compassionate, a man given to helping others. But at the drop of a chemical reaction, he becomes Mister Negative, a phantom of our darkest selves. Driven by the forces of yin and yang, Mister Negative swings between good and evil without remorse.

Negative Exposure

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Introduction at F.E.A.S.T.

In Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #546

Peter Parker first meets Mister Negative in his Martin Li persona at F.E.A.S.T., Li’s New York City homeless shelter where Aunt May is a volunteer. Little does Spidey suspect that the philanthropic executive is brimming with criminal secrets...

The Last Stand of Mister Negative

In Dark Reign: Mister Negative (2009) #1

Ex-Daily Bugle reporter Betty Brant investigates Martin Li’s origin in this three-part mini-series…uncovering his history of deception, mistaken identity, and a current war for control of Chinatown’s crime rings. Take a read to see “Negative Spider-Man” and a dramatic battle with The Hood!


In Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #618

May Parker witnesses Negative murdering one of his henchmen, and is ‘persuaded’ by his corrupting touch to stay silent. The kind-to-a-fault May is given a complete personality overhaul – now she’s filled to the gills with malice and rage!

Disturbance in the Force

In Shadowland: Spider-Man (2010) #1

The Hand has possessed Daredevil and now claims lordship over Hell’s Kitchen and its many crime syndicates. Sensing a weak spot, Mister Negative launches his own assault on The Hand assisted by his ‘Inner Demons’. Shang-Chi and Spider-Man prepare for a face-off, but the Master of Kung Fu becomes corrupted by Negative’s touch!

Darkness Comes to Light

In Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #664

Anti-Venom (Eddie Brock paired with an enhanced symbiote), threatens to expose Martin Li while Mister Negative continues to juggle his public and private personas with less tact. But with a gang war bubbling over in Chinatown, Anti-Venom isn’t the only one who wants a dead drop on Negative…

Negative Reinforcements

In Avengers (2010) #30

Mister Negative and his army of Inner Demons infiltrate a S.H.I.E.L.D. warehouse to lift some weaponized tech. Hawkeye and Spider-Woman swoop into avenging action (all while talking over their budding relationship).

The Dark Kingdom

In The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #6

As C.E.O. of Parker Industries, a multi-million dollar tech company, Peter Parker discovers that now it’s not only Spider-Man with enemies. Mister Negative follows Spidey to Shanghai after being released by his Inner Demons. And in his service? Cloak and Dagger! Wait, what!?