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Celebrating the Legacy of Thor, God of Thunder! Over 50 years ago, the Mighty Thunderer first wielded the hammer of Mjolnir…and became the worthy Thor! Now we’re breaking down the Norse God’s entire history…in 699 issues! Get all caught up before reading Mighty Thor #700, where Thor, Jane Foster faces Ultimate Judgement as told by Jason Aaron and an all-star cast of artists!

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Journey into Mystery (1952) #1-125

In Journey Into Mystery (1952) #83

Donald Blake discovers the mighty power of Thor! While on vacation in Norway, the visiting physician found an enchanted walking stick. When he struck it on the ground, the stick became Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, and Blake himself was transformed into the God of Thunder.

Thor (1966) #126-502

In Thor (1966) #126

Journey into Mystery took its hero’s name starting with #126, which saw a catastrophic battle of god vs. god as Thor dueled with Hercules for the affections of Jane Foster. Furious over Thor’s impetuousness, Odin sapped his son’s strength, giving the Prince of Power an edge over the Thunder God. Despite his disadvantage, Thor still put forth a valiant effort, and regained his father’s respect.

Thor (1998) #1-85

In Thor (1998) #1

After returning from Counter-Earth, Thor resumed his heroic duties in his home reality. He soon found himself embroiled in a fight between the Avengers and the Asgardian Destroyer armor. In a shocking twist, the Destroyer gains the upper hand over Thor, and strikes him down with a fatal energy blast!

Thor (2007) #1-12; #600-621

In Thor (2007) #1

Floating aimlessly in the Void, the Odinson looks back fondly on the time he spent with his fellow Asgardians. However, an otherworldly message from his former host, Donald Blake, summons Thor back to the world of the living, which is in dire need of the hero’s protection.

The Mighty Thor (2011) #1-22

In The Mighty Thor (2011) #1

When a geyser of light erupts from the center of Asgard, Odin sends Thor and Sif to retrieve its source, the unimaginably powerful Worldheart! This entity attracted the attention of the Silver Surfer, Skyrider of the Spaceways and Herald of Galactus! Will the unbridled energy of the Worldheart be enough to sate Galactus’ hunger?

Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #1-25

In Thor: God of Thunder (2012) #1

The Mighty Thor begins an investigation in this millennia-spanning series, stretching back into his distant past and far into his uncertain future. Who could possibly be strong enough to best god after god? The saga of Gorr the God Butcher starts here!

Thor (2014) #1-8

In Thor (2014) #1

With Thor left unworthy of Mjolnir after the events of Original Sin, a melancholic Thunder God is dejected and rudderless. After his old foe Malekith the Accursed resurfaces on Midgard in the company of Frost Giants, Thor leaves Mjolnir in its place and faces the Dark Elf with the axe Jarnbjorn instead. Meanwhile, a mysterious figure approaches Mjolnir and is able to lift the hammer…

The Mighty Thor (2015) #1-23

In Mighty Thor (2015) #1

Jane Foster continues to fight for Midgard and Asgard alike as Thor, Goddess of Thunder! However, even as war brews throughout the ten realms, the greater peril that she faces is the terminal cancer that is slowly killing her human form!