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Imbued with the power to influence the minds of all but those with the most indomitable of wills, the Purple Man is one of the most dangerous and psychotic villains in all of the Marvel Universe!

The Power of Persuasion

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Purple Prose

In Daredevil (1964) #4

Communist spy Zebediah Killgrave is exposed to an experimental nerve gas in a top-secret military facility. His skin is irrevocably dyed purple, and he discovers that the chemical has given him the ability to force anyone to obey his commands!

Purple Reign

In New Thunderbolts (2004) #10

The Purple Man employs the new Swordsman, using him as his eyes and ears in the New Thunderbolts. But Purple Man slowly creates a schism in the team, and eventually puts most of the Thunderbolts, and even other super heroes, under his control!

What are the Benefits?

In Villains for Hire (2011) #0.1

With grand designs of creating a new criminal empire, Purple Man recruits a team of super-villains to aid him in taking over New York’s underworld. But when Misty Knight and her crew step up to oppose the Villains for Hire, Purple Man flips some of Knight’s allies to his own side!

The Purple Children

In Daredevil (2014) #8

Purple Man gathers most of the empowered children he sired over the years, with the intent to use their combined abilities to rewrite the world in his image. Unfortunately for Killgrave, his children have ideas of their own, and compel their father to walk in front of a speeding train! Purple Man survives, and so begins a new plan for vengeance.