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Industrial saboteur Ghost steals and embeds information acting on a personal anti-corporate agenda…or for hire. Their Ghost-Tech suit is the ultimate in stealth design, granting full intangibility and cloaking. Their identity remains unknown.

Various Hauntings

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Electronic Boogeyman

In Iron Man (1968) #219

Ghost reveals himself to Iron Man, appearing out of thin air after ransacking a lab at a company Tony Stark bought just moments before. Ghost takes Round One in his first appearance, leaving behind a sinister message on a monitor.

Unholy Ghost

In Iron Man (1968) #239

Can you ever kill a ghost? The phantom agent is back, this time bumping into Iron Man at tech startup Electronica Fabrizzi. Their assets are detonated, and Iron Man gets ‘ghosted’!

Vs. Spider-Man & Black Panther

In Amazing Spider-Man Annual (1964) #25

Kingpin hires Ghost to undermine Roxxon Corporation’s latest venture – their replication of cheap and durable Vibranium! You know Black Panther’s getting involved where Wakanda’s greatest resource is concerned!

Specter of Hate

In Iron Man: Inevitable (2005) #1

Ghost returns in his most streamlined suit yet! The Living Laser’s life form is being stored in tech recently acquired by Tony Stark. Aware of Iron Man’s civilian identity, Spymaster hires Ghost to destroy Stark International…and unleash the full spectrum of the Living Laser!

Ghost Story: Origin

In Thunderbolts (2006) #151

He joined Norman Osborn’s Thunderbolts in #128, but Ghost’s paranoia (or psychosis) continues to put off his teammates. Team psychologist Moonstone peels back the layers of the former programmer – learning why his hostility towards ‘establishment’ is so personal.

Stark Disassembled

In Invincible Iron Man (2008) #20

Tony Stark is in a self-induced coma so that Osborn, (now a publicly celebrated super hero), can’t purloin information about weaponized tech. Madame Masque hires Ghost to take out Stark permanently, and what follows next are a series of sneak attacks on Tony’s nearest and dearest!

“Boo” to Big Business

In The Amazing Spider-Man (2014) #17

Watch out Parker Industries! Ghost attempts to “set the world free” by overriding Parker Industries’ security protocols…and turning them against the employees!

“Ghost Busted”

In The Amazing Spider-Man (2015) #12

Ghost spooks Peter once more, this time at a charity gala for Parker Industries! Iron Man helps Spidey foil the attack, and Ghost is placed behind bars at a private super human prison (the kind of institution he’s vehemently against).