The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #50 (Variant)

The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #50 (Variant)

The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #50 (Variant)

The Amazing Spider-Man (2022) #50 (Variant)

  • Published

    May 22, 2024

GUESS WHO'S BACK?! THE GREEN GOBLIN RETURNS in this landmark and massive issue of ASM that boasts not only a double-sized main story but some instant Spider-Man classics by legends and legends to be! The Sins of Norman Osborn have found their way home and Norman shows his true color - green. But is it truly that simple? Spidey and Gobby's brutal fight is one for the ages and you don't want to miss this ending. PLUS! MARV WOLFMAN RETURNS TO SPIDER-MAN! NIKESH SHUKLA tells a story that will stay with you for a long time. And more!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960620200305021
  • FOC Date:April 22, 2024


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