Uncanny X-Men (2024) #1

Uncanny X-Men (2024) #1

Uncanny X-Men (2024) #1

Uncanny X-Men (2024) #1

  • Published

    August 07, 2024

PROFESSOR X...IS GONE! A core group of essential X-Men rise FROM THE ASHES to face a world without a home - and without Professor X! All bonds among the mutant community seem to be slipping away, and ROGUE reluctantly finds herself as the hero designated to bring them back together...but a fearless, malignant power is out there hunting mutants, and it has a terrible secret that may destroy what remains of the X-Men!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:759606209171000111
  • FOC Date:July 08, 2024


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