Wolverine (1988) #171

Wolverine (1988) #171

Wolverine (1988) #171

Wolverine (1988) #171

  • Published

    February 01, 2002

'Nuff Said! Wolverine vs. Mauvais vs. the Wendigo! Logan's in a fight for his life against the macabre man who tore out his eye and the flesh-eating man trapped in the body of an insatiable Canadian monster! This one could get really ugly! But why is Logan trying to save the Wendigo's life at the same time? Plus: What's Sabretooth up to? The action is so intense no one has time to breathe, much less to speak in this silent brawl-for-it-all! The shocks and surprises never stop in Frank Tieri and Sean Chen's action-packed take on Marvel's most popular mutant!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:759606022541017111
  • Page Count:28

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