Ultimates 3 (2007) #2

Ultimates 3 (2007) #2

Ultimates 3 (2007) #2

Ultimates 3 (2007) #2

  • Published

    January 23, 2008

The Brotherhood vs. the Ultimates...Hawkeye vs. Spider-Man...the shocker of the year rocks on! Reeling from the sneak attack by Venom, the team has no time to recover-because the evil mutant team known as The Brotherhood has launched a full-scale assault on Tony Stark's mansion! It's Captain America vs. Sabretooth, Iron Man vs. Mystique...and Thor vs. Valkyrie? Plus: Which mega-popular character (nope, not Spidey) makes a surprise appearance on the last page? The dream team of Jeph Loeb, Joe Madureira, and Christian Lichtner continues to rock the Ultimates!

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:5960605960-00211
  • Price:$1.99
  • Page Count:23

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