X-Force (1991) #110

X-Force (1991) #110

X-Force (1991) #110

X-Force (1991) #110

  • Published

    January 01, 2001

The aftermath in San Francisco following the mutagenic riots from Dr. Niles Roman have led to public outcries and mediated outbursts against mutants by people once more in fear with the effects of the city's reconstruction. Meltdown has a heart-to-heart with Cannonball, Domino rejoins the old team after their takedown of Marcus Tsung, Valentina Rychenko resurfaces to destroy a Cold War weapon systems, and the sly Dr. Rancal turns a child's parents into monstrosities...

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  • Format:Comic
  • UPC:75960601766911011
  • Page Count:23


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